September 9, 2012

Your my World, My Heart, My Soul

I made this video for my family
To let them know that they will
always be the center of my world.
Loved you, Yesterday, Today
and Forever.

I Love life and I always strive to learn and see more. To me my life is my hidden "Desire " that can't get enough of wanting to know "Why" and maybe some hidden answer somewhere.

I also like to laugh, and dance in the rain. I also believe that
life's to short to bitch about
the things you can change and never try to.

I am 52 years young lol, and
I've been married for 28 years,
Let's say I been up and down on that one, but still going strong.
I have 4 amazing children and 7 grandchildren, 1 great grandson. They keep me young and always smiling. I'm a very loving person, My life is offering Hope in someones life that thinks there's
No way out.
Live, Laugh, Love, My Life in 2011 -12.

Anna Baty

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