July 2, 2015

Because I think your amazing"

"Because I think your amazing"

We all have flaws, no one is perfect. Everyone has at least 1 or 2 bad qualities about themselves they don't like. I believe that’s the interesting thing about us we’re not perfect at all but I think that’s what makes us so amazing and unique. 

Look at yourself and say Hey!!! I do have more good qualities then bad, even though i may not see it, I can be a really good person at heart and I  care about people. I know I can learn to love myself as I am. "Because I'm amazing". 

I'm a person with my own thoughts, feelings, and dreams and I think that alone is something to be very proud of. I have compassion, Love and hope for all those around me. 

Yes I'm stingy at times, I speak my mind and I indulge a little to much sometimes. But always remember, You’re so much more then you think you are. Don’t you think that’s amazing? 

I think you amazing the way you are. 

Written by, 

Anna Baty, 7-2-15