April 29, 2012

What side can we "Trust", We the "People".

House passes student loan bill, ignores veto threat.
"Give me a break," roared House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, to rousing cheers from Republican lawmakers. "This is the latest plank in the so-called war on women, entirely created by my colleagues across the aisle for political gain."

House passes student loan bill, ignores veto threat.The GOP bill would keep interest rates for subsidized Stafford loans at 3.4 percent for another year, rather than automatically growing to 6.8 percent on July-1st-2012.

Well if you been watching the, He said He did Political slander and the words, I can do this and change this. Well first of all we all know that's called, I'm the best Candidate for, President. We the people or most of us know that's a lot of Hogwash.

You say I preach the words of truth, and my commitment to the people, That you can turn this economy around and give us jobs, Stop rising gas prices, Help the low-income, Stop the increase in College Tuition. I'm one voice and I'm here to say, Promises are words Politians use to let you believe they have a higher power.

Well we all know, that electing someone as President, does not give them the final choice. Even you Mr.President. After reading this article I have to say I'm still as disappointed today as I will be in the future, My reasons.

It's sad when people who act like they are the "Voice" of the "People" can't even listen to the words of the "People" We trust you to decide on our, Healthcare, Education, Senior Citizens, and last the "Economy". To me untill you have let some of the people be heard in them so called private closed meetings then the right decision can never be made.

The reason when one side bullies the other side both groups realize, Dam I've been in a meeting for days when I could be playing "Golf" or going to the "Salon" for my Perm and Manicure. That's when you decide heck let's just give in and make a decision because it don't affect us anyway. Who can we trust.
Now who will you "Vote for in 2012 and will it be for the right reasons.
Anna Baty, 4-29-12

House passes student loan bill, ignores veto threat

April 26, 2012

Her Strength a Soldiers Wife.

I'm now a single Mother with 2 children to raise, I look for a plan to live through our days. My husband was a man of great virtue, His touch was the balance that beat in my Heart, His love for his family kept him safe in the Dark.

Then the nightmares continued night after night, constantly screaming troops. were in for a fight. The firing of guns and the bombs that he hears, lets him know that they are near. I hold him and tell him I'll keep him safe as we both drift off in a somber sleep.

Suddenly I wake to a cuddling sound, I ran and stumbled where my husband was found. I let out a scream to find no one around that's when I seen the blood all around. Now I come to realize the years in Iraq and the wars before them had taken his life, and ended the tricks they played in his head.

My husband ended his life with bullet to his head. Standing alone and my weakness shows through, I'm a Mother with 2 children now what do I do. My husband had strength and he walked with great pride, but the terrors took over because because he refused to hide.

Telling my children that's why there daddy had died. I stand before this country and say, I was married to a soldier with no weakness he knew, Fought for our Freedom and gave it to you.
I stand at his grave with tears on my face, I miss and love you, and I'm never that far, Remember my husband your my forever, "Shinning Star".

Anna Baty

April 25, 2012

Cancer is my Name.

In dedication to my Mother,
Patricia Ann Brandon.
My Aunt, Shirley Lash
My brother in-law, Red Baty

I also dedicate this to all who have suffered under this nasty disease. For those who continue to. I want you to know you did not suffer alone, we as family have been by your side.
We will continue to fight this disease.
In hopes one day for a cure, to honor in there names, Of the ones we
Loved so dear.

Constant pain consumes my life.
I'm to afraid to go under the knife.I resist my fear for wanting to live.Only to induce the pain that it gives.Still i wonder through a quick demise.Should i choose to live with this disguise.

For time and strength it's not on my side.So i read through the knowledge the world tries to hide.
My life it's tells me to try and be strong.It seems so hard because i don't have long.

I'm trying to avoid the one called the Reaper, and all of his friends they call his hidden keepers.
Now my cries they cry with such pain, because my mind has gone insane.For death has followed me in such a short time.This disease it has us all in a line.For death it now follows me to the end.It came from nowhere and sucked me within.

I want you to know you did not suffer alone, we as family have been by your side.We will continue to fight this disease. In hopes one day for a cure,
to honor in the names. Of the ones we Loved so dear.

Written, by, Anna Baty

April 23, 2012

If blood splatter on the walls, found June 6th,2011.
Matched DNA blood profile of wife Jacque Waller.
Should Clay Waller have been charged and arrested then for the "Murder"
Read more go to this link,http://ping.fm/Jufry
Checkout our Website to tell us what you think.

Moments from Anna Bee: My Sons, Music's Finest - Rock - Country.

Moments from Anna Bee: My Sons, Music's Finest - Rock - Country.: My Sons, Music's Finest - Rock - Country. Danny Baty - Derrick Brandon My sons - Singing Color me Blue. Song written by Danny Baty. The...

April 22, 2012

Village Creek

Still beautifull this is Village Creek, no matter what time of night. Her spell will hypnosis you.

Anna Baty, 4-22-12

April 20, 2012


Moments from Anna Bee: Rain often brings shadows of happiness from our e...

Moments from Anna Bee: Rain often brings shadows of happiness from our e...: Rain often brings shadows of happiness from our eyes, it also lets us know a smile is the Lighting system of the face. The cooling syst...
Rain often brings shadows of happiness from our eyes, it also lets us know a smile is the Lighting system of the face. The cooling system of the head, and the Heating system to our "Hearts" so remember rain is liquid sunshine to a "Happy" way in our tired and weary, "Lives"

I say take the time to hold one close and feel the souls as one as you "Dance" in the "Rain".
Feel her body as it is in-tangled with yours which will be the two souls dancing as one clinging like two well fitted gloves.
Love to the highest point of no return and the satisfaction will be the softness of her fingertips as she touches you, it will always be your greatest 'Desire',
Leaving you only wanting More.

Anna Baty, 4-20-12
Well lets ask how many have went and got the the new songs off the Presence Album if not go to http://ping.fm/0oRmn all i can say is the songs are Amazing so take the time and support your local bands we count on Fans like you, So let's give a big Shout Out to the Fallen Within Band.

April 19, 2012

Move "Forward" find your "Destiny".

We all have a path to travel.We will all make mistakes it is necessary for us to learn by them. Some may be bad choices, Others are called trying and not feeling defeated. Disappointment, Defeat, Courage, and Strength, are life's hard tools and lessons but are needed for us to realize we deserve what we strive for, That is to be all we can be.

When we least expect it, Life gives us challenges to test our courage, and willingness to change things at any given moment there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not ready.The challenge will not wait. Life does not allow us to travel back in time.We must move forward to achieve.

At a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what's happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate that is what we sometimes believe.That's our Life's greatest challenge we must believe we have control over our own Destiny.

I have to say "Life" has tested me with some real bad situations in my life.
There were times I wanted to give up.
Instead I decided I deserve better and I will overcome my fear and "Move" forward, with, Courage, Strength, and the Wisdom to offer "Hope" to those who think there "Life" is over and they lost all there, "Heart & Soul" to continue there "Beautiful" path in "Life".
Anna Baty

April 15, 2012

Moments from Anna Bee: Restless Soul.I'm a restless soul waiting to soar...

Moments from Anna Bee: Restless Soul.
I'm a restless soul waiting to soar...
: Restless Soul. I'm a restless soul waiting to soar high above the clouds, For i want to see the world. Do i like what i see and what...
Restless Soul.
I'm a restless soul waiting to soar high above the clouds,
For i want to see the world.
Do i like what i see and what will i be.
Like a restless Dove she follows her dreams.
I wander through life so aimlessly.
I decided i just want to be me.

I go my own path to see where i go
my dreams no more shattered i call
them my own.
The hurt from the world it causes me pain.
I feel to restricted my minds going insane.
So now i fly higher trying not to be seen.
For my soul will be happy and my Life will
be Free.
Anna Baty, 4-15-12

Moments from Anna Bee: The Deadly Tornado outbreak Sunday.

Moments from Anna Bee: The Deadly Tornado outbreak Sunday.: The Deadly Tornado outbreak Sunday. 4-2012. In portions of Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Oklahoma. Storm also hits Iowa hospital, tornado war...

April 14, 2012

The Deadly Tornado outbreak Sunday.

The Deadly Tornado outbreak Sunday.
In portions of Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Oklahoma. Storm also hits Iowa hospital, tornado warning issued for Wichita.
Which had been predicted by forecasters, who said there was a "high risk" of severe thunderstorms in
Wichita was under a tornado emergency late Saturday as a large twister, part of a series of severe storms in the Great Plains, moved through south-central Kansas and threatened to destroy homes.

The "confirmed large and extremely dangerous tornado was located just east of Conway Springs and moving northeast at 35 mph," toward the Wichita area, the National Weather Service reported Saturday night. "This is a particularly dangerous situation."

Major damage to houses and buildings were likely, "and complete destruction possible," the weather agency said. But by 10 p.m. (11 p.m. ET), Kansas authorities had reported no serious damages.

"This is a picture of an incredible hail storm that was just reported in Norfolk, NE, also the Large Tornado. on April 14 2012. This is just one of the threats today – but later today we should see many long track tornadoes and large hail.

Earlier in the day, a possible tornado struck a hospital Saturday evening in Creston, Iowa, according to a dispatcher with the Union County Sheriff's Department. A search-and-rescue operation was under way.

"We have been hit. We are triaging and moving patients," a spokeswoman at Greater Regional Medical Center in the south-central Iowa city confirmed.

City Council member Randy White told CNN he was aware of no serious injuries. "A lot of windows have been broken out and some cars have been flipped over. We can't see a lot right now because the power is out."

A temporary hospital was set up at Southwestern Community College, White said.

The region had more than 80 preliminary tornado reports by 10:30 p.m. ET Saturday, according to CNN meteorologist Jacqui Jeras, though some of those reports could be of the same twister. Most were in rural areas and damage was reported to be relatively minor, including downed trees and power lines and minor flooding.

Across the south and central Plains, storm chasers broadcast images of funnel clouds roaring through rural landscapes. Residents in some high-risk areas received new warnings intended to grab their attention and prompt them to find safe shelter.

In Kansas, Gov. Sam Brownback issued this advisory: "If you're on the road, get off as soon as you can and find some shelter."

Are you there? Share videos, pictures and stories

The tornado outbreak had been predicted by forecasters, who said there was a "high risk" of severe thunderstorms into Sunday in portions of Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Oklahoma. More than 5 million people live in those at-risk areas.

A tornado touchdown was reported near Medicine Lodge, Kansas, and a large tornado advanced on Salina, Kansas, just before sundown.

The National Weather Service's Wichita office, taking part in an experimental warning system, used graphic terms to warn residents of potential harm. The warnings are used by media outlets.

Residents near Brookville, Kansas, for example, were told "major house and building damage was likely and complete destruction was possible."

Des Moines, Iowa, National Weather Service meteorologist Roger Vachalek said residents in the area should be prepared for high winds and possible tornadoes and hail overnight. Two or three possible tornadoes were already sighted. About 16,000 MidAmerican Energy customers in the Des Moines area lost power.

At least four apparent tornadoes were reported near Dodge City, in southwestern Kansas, officials said. Two were reported in Rush County.

"It's been an interesting day," said meteorologist Mike Scott, adding severe storms arrived earlier than expected.

Forecasters said a "dry line" colliding with moist Gulf air was making for dangerous conditions.

A dry line is a boundary that separates warm, moist air from dry desert air.

"Everything west of that line is very dry and is associated with downsloping winds," Scott said.

Four active tornado warnings and four tornado watches were in effect Saturday evening in the region.

Two of the watches that extend from Iowa and Nebraska south into Kansas and Oklahoma are "Particularly Dangerous Situation" watches, meaning there is a significant chance of long-track, damaging tornadoes.

The tornado threat may increase as storms move through more populated areas such as Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Wichita; Omaha, Nebraska; Des Moines, Iowa; and Kansas City, Missouri.

Tennis-ball-sized hail and winds of up to 60 miles per hour were reported in Nebraska's Antelope and Boone counties, said Mike Moritz of the National Weather Service office in Hastings, Nebraska. Tornado reports came in from Hardy and Deshler, Nebraska, and Tipton, Kansas. None was a long-track tornado.

Rick Smith, warning coordination meteorologist in the agency's Norman, Oklahoma, office, said a line of supercell thunderstorms stretched Saturday afternoon from northwestern Oklahoma to the Texas Panhandle.

A tornado formed in Woodward, Oklahoma, Smith told CNN. A brief touchdown was reported.

"This is just the beginning of what could be a long afternoon and night, and people should pay attention to warnings," Smith said.

No injuries had been reported in Oklahoma by mid-evening Saturday.

According to CNN meteorologist Sean Morris, "high risk" areas could possibly endure EF3 to EF5 tornadoes, packing winds of 136 mph or stronger.

CNN meteorologist Dave Hennen said the Interstate 35 corridor -- from Oklahoma City to Wichita -- was among the most threatened areas.

An elevated severe thunderstorm "moderate" threat extended from northern Nebraska, southward into the tip of northern Texas. This includes Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Kansas City, Missouri. A "slight" risk area extended all the way from Texas to southwestern Wisconsin.

A severe thunderstorm is defined by the National Weather Service as a thunderstorm that produces at least one or more of the following: winds of at least 58 mph, hail 1 inch in diameter and tornadoes.

The predicted severe storms come as five National Weather Service offices in Missouri and Kansas are conducting an experiment on how to better convey risks from tornadoes and severe storms.

The "impact based" warning test, which began earlier this month, comes on the heels of the May 22-27 Midwest/Southeast tornado outbreak, including a tornado that killed 158 people in Joplin, Missouri.

The National Weather Service is ratcheting up its efforts to combat complacency, with the help of graphic terms to ensure people find safe shelter. A tornado is confirmed, on average, only once for every four formal warnings.

Forecasters in the test area will continue issuing traditional tornado warnings, but for "significant" and "catastrophic" scenarios, they can add information at the bottom of the warnings issued to media outlets.

When a storm has the potential to cause "significant" damage, meteorologists may include terms such as "major house and building damage likely," "complete destruction possible" or "major power outages in path of tornado highly likely."

In a "catastrophic" outlook, descriptions may include "This is a life-threatening situation," "You could be killed if not underground or in a tornado shelter," or "complete destruction of entire neighborhoods likely."

By Phil Gast, CNN

April 12, 2012

This is "My Life".

Make life about you and the endless possibilities ahead. Endless possibilities exist for all of us. New decisions and changes are frightening but they can also be exhilarating!

No matter what pressures you're under, what tough decisions you face, keep in mind that it is possible to turn chaos and turmoil into an exciting "New Beginning".

This is "My Life""
My Life by Fallen Within.

Look at the options life offers us. Whether your desires are intellectual, artistic, spiritual, or physical, you can make a decision to make them into realities.

Take a chance and you will soar over boundaries, and recognize that your endless possibilities have no limits. So take charge of your life because we deserve it.
This is "My Life".
Anna Baty, 9-5-15

April 6, 2012

Reach Out.

Take the time to notice your own struggles, Knowing that your efforts are being tried in each part of your life.The light you bring into your own mind and helping others unknown to you who are struggling with the same issues. So instead of turning a blind eye, Reach out and say i can try to help if you allow me.
The probability that we may fail in the struggle to help others will make us weak for not trying.Once we gain control of our struggles, and work together to rise above them, that is when miracles are possible and our journey is "HOPE"

The Disease

It watches us while we sleep.
Following us day by day.
Stays in our minds as we silently think,
No where to run it does not escape.
The pills they feed me i no longer take.
I want to sleep and never wake.
Darkness please tell me, where do i go?
Please tell me my mind  how to let go.
This disease its a mad aggression,
it goes by a name it's called Depression.
I wake up no more with pains or regrets,
we all walk around as if we all met.
Today is the day there is no more Light,
Were all together we gave up our Fight.

The power of "Friendship".

The power of "Friendship".

This is for the ""World" not just one "State". Forgiving does not erase the bitter past. A healed memory is not a deleted memory. Instead, forgiving what we cannot forget creates a new way to remember. We change the memory of our past into a hope for our future. Healing is taking place all the time, and we know it is God who is doing the work through the strength of prayer. Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, Even if we have to dig a little to find it, We see it in each other that's what I call, The power of (Friendship). Healing yourself is connected with healing others through true kindness from within.
From, Anna Baty, 4-3-12

FB- Teens who lure- Face Responsibility.

Time for change.
There are always stories of innocent teenagers who are lured and victimised on the internet. But what do you do when your child is the instigator, the one who is victimising others?

I want to mention that in Ar, a child can be charged as an adult at the age of 14, for certain crimes. Then at age 14, they can be charged as a Registered Sex Offender.

Now my problem is when you have 2, teenage girls meeting someone on the Internet not knowing who this person is then meeting him not just once but several times and nothing was mentioned the 1st or 2nd time of there meetings.

Mind you parents still not involved in knowing what there child is doing.
Now all of a sudden this happens.

Then the man is arrested for Being a "Facebook" Internet child predator. It was wrong of him yes but I do believe the girls should be charged with something because they continue to see the man.

This is such an ongoing issue.
I believe it will only get worse.
My reasons, When are some parents going to wake up and become responsible for there children. It's always sad when a child is kidnapped and raped.

Today's biggest problem is "Facebook" there are so many teenagers being lured by online sexual predators.
My problem is where are the parents when this is happening.
The sex offenders that pray on our children know it is wrong.

Then Tell me why the, 13 thru 17 year olds continue to take sexual pictures of themselves, Talk sexual to a stranger they never met, then agree to meet them not knowing if they will come back, "Dead" or "Alive".

To me these Teenagers have no respect for "Themselves" their "Families" or the Tax-Payers who have to pay when the offender goes to prison not the teenagers who keep putting there selfs out there go be, Molested, or maybe killed.

I believe if these teenagers are held responsible for some of there action maybe this can be an example to others when they decide to put there's elves in danger as others do.

Make them perform community service work. Maybe they can go to schools and let other teenagers aware of what they did was wrong and what there punishments will be.

The parents are not allowed to bail them out at, "All"

Anna Baty, 3-31-12

My Sons, Music's Finest - Rock - Country.

My Sons, Music's Finest - Rock - Country.

Danny Baty - Derrick Brandon
My sons - Singing Color me Blue.
Song written by Danny Baty.
There are a lot of things that bring joy to my life. I am proud to say I have the best of both worlds. Both of my sons are Number 1- stars in my eyes.
Listen to the song it is remarkable.
These Bands are Arkansas Finest.

You can visit there Music sites to hear the Amazing Songs they both write and sing. They both have several Albums out.
Here are there Music links.

Anna Baty, 4-2-12

Overcome the "Storm" "Live" again.

Overcome the "Storm" "Live" again.

You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in Life. To look fear in the face but not run.
It sculptures who you have become today. Remember you can overcome the "Storm" to see the "Sunshine" ahead.

So if your going through a hard time, Pick yourself up and say,Today I will face all my "Fears Head" on.
If you take your eyes off your goals, all you see are obstacles.

Hold your head up "High" you have every right to. Tell yourself your a "Beautiful" person and believe in yourself. Know that you are worth Loving and giving Love back.

Make your "Life" your dreams and goals. Remember you deserve to be "Happy" because its your "CHOICE" your "Life"


My "Mother" the "Angel"

My "Mother" the "Angel"

There was one person who always made me feel safe.
She always held my hand when I began to fall from grace.
This person was my mother she's the one I miss. Why did you have to go please tell me why?
I wish you were here mom I miss you so much no one even knows what I would give for just one touch or a small Kiss
Mom I love you and thank you for all you did for me.
I hope someday I make you proud for whatever I plan to be.
I will always know that you were the best part of me.
I love you "Still" and forever "Will"
Your "Loving Daughter".

April 5, 2012

Do you know where your "Teen" is?.

Do you know where your "Teen" is?.

This is an on going problem. "Teenage Drinking"
We have meetings after meetings to try and stop the source of "Who" and where the Liquor comes from.
Well the way I see it parties are being planned every night. The message is texted at school from a friend passed on and on.
I believe in today's world some parents are to busy working. Then when they get home there tired and don't really pay much attention when asked, Mom Amy wants me to stay the night to study our Social Studies test together do you care.
Mom replies no go ahead and I'll see you tomorrow night. Now after supper is done and dishes are washed you get time for a hot bath, Just soaking up some me time.
Then as your headed to bed, you hear a knock on the door at 11 p.m..
Well wonder who that could be. Two policemen standing at your door.

Mrs.Sparks are you the mother of Heather Sparks, Yes sir I am. Well her and her friend Amy was at a party drinking, Then on there way home they hit another vehicle head on, I'm sorry to say they both died, along with a 2 year old child and father in the vehicle they hit.

Falling down to me knees all I kept saying was How? could this have happened she never drank.

Now I spend my days asking myself why?. I should have talked with her, spent more time paying attention to what she was doing and I never took the time now she's gone and I can't makeup for what I should have done.

Parents spend the time with your children see what there doing don't just assume you know. We as parents must keep our children safe and be there.
Checking on your child's activities does not make you a bad "Parent" it just shows you care.
Anna Baty, 4-5-12