September 19, 2012

Beauty doesn't cover "Ugliness".

We are always amazed when people show there strong morals and hope. They take risks for the good of others. They offer us "Hope" and kindness when they feel a need to look fulfilled in others eyes.

What we don't often see is these people have a number of enemies
they have deceived in the past and present. People can be deceptive, they can be hidden in very different ways to fool us of there real identify lurking from within.

They present themselves as positive people, but are waiting to strip us of our own Identify of how we perceive people and our need for companionship
or friendship.

Yes it's good to be successful and humble and However, it becomes a problem when we become consumed with these character traits. We think they alone are the source of our acceptance of the people we allow in our Lives.

We believe the hidden things like, Beauty, Kindness and Acceptance are what the people in our lives should be like. but, Beauty doesn't cover "Ugliness".

Anna Baty

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