March 15, 2016

We call call them "Hidden Strangers".

We call call them "Hidden Strangers".

One often wonders what is this world coming to when others decide to take the lives of people that have not harmed them or caused their lives to be unbearable. No I'm not here to judge others but I am allowed to have an opinion. Maybe others do not see it the same way as I do and may not like the words I speak but I will continue to speak my mind.

We don't know what causes others to take the lives of innocent people then allow their lives to be spared. I and others would like to ask? How can one live with themselves knowing they killed innocent people. Even the shooters that do survive do not offer us any answers to as why?  Maybe they don't understand why themselves.

We all can use excuses like times are hard or I needed the money. Maybe I got fired and it pissed me off. Or I'm tired of being bullied. Maybe that is their reason we can't assume it's not. I know this does not justify shooting a mall full of  men and women or a school full of innocent children that didn't have a chance to grow up and live out their lives as adults.

I call these people, The hidden Strangers. These people are seen by many some we have known them personally. But we can never see it coming. Then we hear their name of who the shooter was then realize it was someone we have known a long time. Sometimes their message is clear we just don't hear it loud enough. 

Don't get too close to me because you'll only see that dark lives inside of me. For I only know that is where my angry demons hide so very deep inside my mind. 

Written by,
Anna Baty, 03-15-16