September 27, 2012

If I had a "Secret", What would you do?.

I've got a secret "Shhh".
If i came to you with a secret,
What would you do?.
Keep it to yourself.
Tell because your a Friend,
or just tell because it's

(1.) I just found out i have stage 4 Cancer, I have 3 months to Live.
(2.) I have been Gay for 12yrs. I'm ashamed to tell anyone.
(3.) I've been having an affair for 2 Yrs. Now I want a divorce.
(4.) Today is the day i will kill myself!!.
Now that I've told you my secret
in confidence, Who will you tell ? and what will you do ?.

(1.) Would you feel sorry for me now that I'm "Dying" and become my Friend.
(2.) Would you go with me, to tell my Family & Friends that I'm "Gay".
(3.) Would you tell my "Husband" of 15 years Married.
Maybe tell his "Wife" that is bed ridden with a disease.
(4.) Would you take the "Knife" away before I slice my wrists and get me help.
Now if these are true and i only told you , Now tell me my "Friend" What will you Do ?.
How can we expect others to keep our secrets if we have not been able to keep it to ourselves.

Please stop by my "Blog" and
read, read, Away.
Anna Baty

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