September 5, 2012

"True Love".

True love is hard to find, hard to hold. Especially hard to forget.Everything about it can be complicated. If you sit back and think with your mind, and feel from your soul.
Time can sometimes erase the pain of, The first slap, The first hurtful words, The first Affair, Then when they walked out the door and left you standing "Alone".

True Love was waiting an eternity for one moment, one kiss, one smile.
True Love was doing anything and everything for that person, whether
you can give it to them or not you tried.
Love comes from the heart, but true love comes from the mind and felt down deep in the soul.
So I ask this "Question"?

Does "True Love" really exist or is it a need to have someone there close to us. Someone we can call our own, To love and hate when our moods change.
Someone to spend that special
time with because there is no
one else.

My answer is "I do believe" in true
"Love" a partner in life to share
the good times and hold you through the bad times. So I say if you do find this rate treasure to, Remember to Love with no Boundaries, Hold them close Kiss them softly, Then when you
feel it deep within your "Soul"
Then you have found what we
call "True Love".

Gary Moore, Still got the Blues for you.mpg

Written by, Anna Baty

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