September 11, 2012

Seduce my mind, Find my Soul.

Seduce my mind, Find my Soul.

As I took a deep breath, I felt the breeze dance along my naked body as the sun fell upon my face. Reaching for what’s left of the warm day as it sets my soul on fire. Have you ever closed your eyes long enough to hear his voice feel his breath on the nap of your neck devouring the moment wishing you didn't miss him that much.

Then you start walking simply for the sake of becoming lost. Have you watched your shadow dance along side you feeling it was him so close to you. Then only to raised your head to realize it's your "Fantasy" because you miss and want him that much.

Turn Me On ~ Norah Jones

His kiss left you breathless! Oh, how it breaks the heart.Then to imagine this comes with thought of loving him to easily and to much simply because you remember his sweet kiss and deep Embrace.

Have you ever met his eyes and know this man holds the wonders of your every thought, kiss, and touch. It breaks your heart. But to imagine so freely, comes with the consequences of falling so easily in love then you feel helplessness, So you walk away knowing that, If he could just hold you tight enough your Soul would become his. So you say under your breath,
"Seduce my mind, Find my Soul".

Anna Baty

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