February 26, 2013

The "Voice" deep Within.

The "Voice" deep Within.

When one must face change and direction in ourselves. We cannot expect others to do it for us it is our "Journey". Listen to your heart and let your soul and the voice within you guide you. We alone must walk this path even if it's alone and frightening.

Change is important to grow and to become the person you choose to be. When you start to make progress you will flourish and start to realize, You can do this and there's "Hope" for change
and redirection in your life.

Remember when walking this path it's your "Voice" you hear listen to it and follow your "Dreams" Don't let failure be your option. Do not let others steer your path. Make life about you and your "Journey" to change. Listen and live from,
The "Voice" deep Within.

Written by,
Anna Baty
Christina Aguilera-The voice within [lyrics]

Moments from Anna Bee: My friends are "Angels" of hope.

Moments from Anna Bee: My friends are "Angels" of hope.: My friends are "Angels" of hope. Hello there beautiful friends. Did anyone ever tell you how special you are.The light that glow...

My friends are "Angels" of hope.

My friends are "Angels" of hope.

Hello there beautiful friends. Did anyone ever tell you how special you are.The light that glows from you when your around. Did anyone ever tell you that the many times they were sad your words gave them hope and made them Smile.
They take time to send out words of encouragement.

Well, " My Dearest Friends".
Today I letting you know that
you are a beautiful soul and I'm glad to call you friends from my heart. I believe that without a friend you are missing out on a lot in life. Don't be confused by friends and Acquaintances, there is a difference because, My friends are "Angels" of hope.

Anna Baty

February 18, 2013

Let me take your breath away.

Let me take your breath away.

I want to feel the heat of your skin on my skin, No barriers, emotional nor physical. Kiss me with so much passion that
that nothing can break this moment.

Let our bodies feel us become one.
Every thought i have is about you.
I wanna see us lose control. Give
yourself to me, If just for a little while.
So I can touch you and know it's real.
Just give me one chance,
Let me take your breath away.

Anna Baty

The beauty of "Arkansas Sunsets".

Welcome to my "World" and the beauty of Arkansas Sunsets.

As the sunset fades and blends into an open view. It can also becomes a darkened world which at any given moment anything can surprise us and open us up to new awakenings in our Souls.

There's nothing better than a beautiful sunset. There are things we all see at different times and places around the world. Some may never get to see the beauty in your world.

So i want to share the beauty of my world. Sometimes at the right moment you can step outside and be amazed by the
"Breathtaking Sunsets" that Arkansas has to offer. One can sit outside and inhale it's beauty. Knowing that's when we can let our "Imagination and Soul" become one.

Written by,
Anna Baty

February 15, 2013

"Place your hand upon your heart".

Place your hand upon your heart.

Sometimes death leaves a heartache that no one can heal, Also remember that love leaves a memory no one can steal.

Gods angels are always near to those who are still grieving.When you hear a soft whisper speaking in your ears. It's the angels telling us, Please let your heart rest easy and wipe away your tears.

I know we are always deeply missed! But please remember we left behind our courage and strength, and beautiful words of wisdom. So take the time to use what we left behind, For we will always stand beside you to ease your troubled mind.

Place your hand upon your heart and speak these words with me. One day we will be together. Walking side by side. No more pain or worry no more tears we cry. Till then i need you to pass on the happiness we shared.

Written by,
Anna Baty

February 14, 2013

Am I still your Valentine forever.

Am I still your Valentine forever.

Am i still elegant at a glance. Do I still make you giggle when I sing and dance around the house still after, 29 years.

Now can I ask you ? Do you still love me if I gain 20lbs, or when you find out I have breast cancer and have to have my Breasts removed. Will you think I'm ugly and turn out the lights when I remove my clothes to make " Love" to you because your disgusted by the sight of me.

Now I begin to turn 50 and my
"Hair" shimmers with a touch of gray in the sunlight. When you see the lines form around my "Lips" will you still kiss my soft
"Lips". Can you tell me am I still "Feminine", do I still bring "Magic"to you when I touch your body with my soft lips.

Will you still love to watch me in the sunlight when I'm brushing my long gray hair.Then in the end will you still hold me at night when we turn out the lights to
Sleep and Whisper, I will always
"Love" you and your still "Beautiful in my. Eyes, Heart and Soul. "Am I still your Valentine forever.

Anna Baty

February 12, 2013

Stand strong be true to yourself.

Stand strong be true to yourself.

Our lives can be a long lived or it can be short lived. It's our choice. Sometimes, it's okay to walk alone it gives us time to reflect on our lives and change if needed.
We don't have the right to point out someone's flaws and mold them into "Perfection".

Life is about Loving ourselves and knowing it's ok to be, Sad or angry with life sometimes. No one is perfect but to ourselves we may be and that's what matters. Judgement doesn't.
When we carry ourselves through life. We offer "Love & Respect for ourselves and others then there should be no room for, Disappointment or to change someone.

When you have a world of people who Love life and offer respect to those who surround them then, We should never second guess who we are as a person.
So I say Love yourself and the person you have become because you are the one who can only decide to,
Stand strong be true to yourself.

Written by,
Anna Baty