June 14, 2011

The Ghost

I feel a breeze as it touches my skin.
I hear the chimes as the music begins.
Like day and night, you change like the wind.
Always breaking my heart, i still wont give in.
My outside is weak,
but my soul remains strong.
I want to love him,
even though it feels wrong.

The man that i loved, was soft and caring.
Now his soul is the ghost,
who stops him from sharing.
So lost and confused, he chooses to abuse.
I believe in my heart, He means me no harm.
The man that i love,
the ghost is his charm.
My love is forever,
though my heart it hurts so.
The man that i loved,
Now the ghost consumes his soul.
the ghost.jpg
His Ghost
Live, Laugh, and Love Life

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