December 31, 2012

Question is "Why don't we"

Question is "Why don't we"

I want to start by saying!
"Happy New Years 2013".
I personally don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, I believe in setting goals and always trying to achieve them. I believe with each New Year people want to change the way they live or something in there lives we all do.
Question is "Why don't we"

Now it's 2 months later, Can we really say we remember or even tried these "Resolutions" we promised ourselves. Could the reason be it's too much change at one time, or do we find ourselves saying? We all love the idea of making changes in our lives.
Question is ? "Why don't we"

Why haven't we already made these changes in our lives, or is it that for every "New Year" We hear others make "Resolutions" So do we want others to think we also need to "Change".
Question is "Why don't we"

Anna Baty

December 30, 2012

"No room for Selfish people". In 2013

"No room for Selfish people".
Don't let there toxin poison you.

Until you let go of all the toxic people in your life. You will then begin to have promising & fulfilling New Year for 2013.
I used to think enemies were the worst people in the world, but that was until It took me years to realize fake Family & Friends are why our world is so "Toxic".
Nowadays there's no honor, only drama and Manipulation.

Toxic people don't understand kindness, Love and Family.They just enjoy each others company. It also gives them more of a chance to show there true colors they kept hidden well all these years. Sometimes in life, no matter how hard it is, sometimes we’re better off not being those who continue to suck the life out you and and the world.

I've made mistakes in my life. I’ve let people take advantage of me, and I accepted way less than I deserved, but, I’ve learned from my bad choices and even though there are some things I can never take back or change. There are some people who will never be sorry, or never change.

To me I deserve Respect, and Love for the things I believe I have changed and for the things I continue to make better in my life and others. So I say there's no time and,
"No room for Selfish people".
Don't let there toxin poison you.

Anna Baty

December 28, 2012

"Just let your heart heal you".

No one fails in life, you only have different results on some days.The word Defeated is a person that sits down and refuses or is afraid to get up and take a step or the chance to make there life better. Don't let a moment of defeat or being afraid be what defines your life's outcome and who you may be in the future.

Decide at any given moment not to ever compete for someone's love, respect and attention that you should be showing yourself first. See once in a while, We all our bad days, We will also have good days and beautiful days.Take them days and safely tuck them in your heart. Because this is the start of a collection of the good days we all deserve.

Remember life is always trying to challenge us. Our path in life depends
on if we choose to "Quit" and give up.
Or we can "Get up" keep walking and make our life the best for us. Hold on to that warmth inside your heart. Just place your hand upon your heart and feel your "Passion" it will take you where you know your safe, loved and respected.
"Just let your heart heal you".

Written by, Anna Baty
12-28-12 Flatts - Unstoppable (With Lyrics)

December 26, 2012

Moments from Anna Bee: "Locked "Body to Body".

Moments from Anna Bee: "Locked "Body to Body".: "Locked "Body to Body". He touches me in places no one has ever reached before. In my hidden places where words never can never interfere...

"Locked "Body to Body".

"Locked "Body to Body".

He touches me in places no one has ever reached before. In my hidden places where words never can never interfere.
In places where his whispering makes me weak with each trace, each stroke, he makes me feel complete with our,
"Body against Body"

My body aches for his touch and to each whispering seduction he uses on me. He fully awakes every sense my body wants to feel. He no longer wonders with thought of how delicate my body is to his touch.

What we never thought was, We now know our passion is the burning fire between us. A time that lasts us forever in our minds. I can feel free to devour his body with every kiss, every touch and every moment that keeps us Locked "Body to Body"

Anna Baty.

December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas Happy New Year, 2012

Merry Christmas Happy New Year, 2012
Sending beauty all over the world. I hope your life brings you all the, Joy, Love, and Happiness that keeps your world in perfect Harmony. Remember to make your choices in life that you can live by with no regrets. Love those who can love you back. And always be true to Family & Friends because one day you may need a hug or just someone to listen to you and
not judge you. Sending out, Hugs to all
Anna Baty

December 18, 2012

Moments from Anna Bee: Can I be your uncaged "Songbird"

Moments from Anna Bee: Can I be your uncaged "Songbird": Can I be your uncaged "Songbird" Close your eyes and listen!. Can you heal the pain of a Lonesome Soul as you hear her sweet sound singing...

Can I be your uncaged "Songbird"

Can I be your uncaged "Songbird"

Close your eyes and listen!. Can you heal the pain of a Lonesome Soul as you hear her sweet sound singing from a locked cage. Follow the soft fainting sounds you hear coming from the deepness of the woods. Listen from within your heart then your soul will free her and she can start to heal. Her soft melody escapes into your air traveling afar. The passion of knowing the sweet sound is within your reach.

The searching continues tell me will you give up? Will my soft voice from a cage and my touch be worth what you have been searching for. My song,
Free me from the cage that I'm confined to. Have i touched your heart and taken your soul captive. My question still is? Will you free me from my cage and listen to the soft echoing sounds of my voice.
Can I be your uncaged "Songbird"

Anna Baty

December 14, 2012

I'll hold you in my heart till I get to "Heaven

I dedicate this to all the worlds little children and Staff that lost there life's today. I will forever hold a prayer for all the lives lost today. 12-14-12

Rascal Flatts - I Won't Let Go
I'll hold you in my heart till I get to
My soul is so empty and my heart will never heal. We got up this morning and headed that way. To a school that you loved and played at everyday. I wish you
you had been sick and I had to stay home, because today was the day I'll forever be alone.

I wish I was there to protect all the little ones. Never letting no harm coming to anyone.I thought today you would always be safe, Little girls and Little boys getting ready to make crafts.Then a Stranger showed up and blew in like a draft. He begin his reign of terror not sparing anyone.

Then when he got caught he realized what he done. He then turned the terror on himself with his gun.Today was a day,
I'm sorry I thought you were safe.
Now my soul and my heart will forever live with this everyday.

Anna Baty

December 13, 2012

KALUS, Auction Sale in Walnut Ridge, Ar

I placed a link below on the dates
and times of the KALU's Auction here at 922 Hwy 67 B, Walnut Ridge, Ar, 72476

KALU's Auction, and Wholesale. 922 Hwy 67 B, Walnut Ridge, Ar, 72476
Location Walnut Ridge,Ar
beside McDonald's. We will be hosting a Large Case lot dealer Auction every Tuesday at 10:00 A.M. 501- 454-0933.
Each month we auction off over
200 Pallets of returns and closeout sales.We will be having several dealers from, Arkansas, Missouri, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky. Some of our sellers have huge Price busters. Liquidation and Parkers Wholesale. This will be a great Auction for Flea Markets and Auction everywhere.

KALUS, Auction for the Public.
Dec 14 - 6:00PM
We have a auction every Friday at 6:00 pm. for the public.
We sell lots of New, Closeouts, Returns and some used items.We normally have Hunting, Fishing, Tools, Housewares. Furniture and lots of other great other merchandise. We have a new full concession with lots of great food choices.We welcome you to come out and enjoy a great night of fun and food in a nice clean building with good.

I do not take credit for the info
It is written from there site to
Help our local towns out.
Anna Baty

December 9, 2012

"World Let's Dance as one".

"World Let's Dance as one".
If we the "World" would try and "Unite"
as one. We could come together and "Dance" as one,
Only then can we start to build and turn that world around, and live in a world of, Trust, Peace and Harmony.
I came here to ask?.
"World Let's Dance as one".
Anna Baty

December 8, 2012

Holiday of lights at the Beatles Park.

Rockin Christmas in Walnut Ridge, Ar, at the Beatles Park.

What's special in your Country, State or town ?. Lets share our holiday season this time of year with our friends from around the world. Do you have any usual or unusual traditions? Please lets share Pictures, or Family Stories, Maybe colorful Light Displays. Or your Holiday Parades.

If you celebrate the Christmas or the Holidays this time of year.Lets share
our beauty this year with the World.
If so I would love to see and hear all about it. Here are a few of my favorites from, USA, Walnut Ridge Ar,
Anna Baty

December 2, 2012

Come and enjoy Christmas at "Beatles Rockin on the Ridge"

Come enjoy "Beatles Rockin on the Ridge"

Share the Holiday spirit with us at the, Beatles Rockin' on the Ridge events for Christmas, Events started, On Dec ,1, 2012. The people in Walnut Ridge kicked off the Christmas season with the Rockin' around the Christmas Tree event in downtown Walnut Ridge Saturday afternoon. The next events will take place on Dec. 8 and 15. I have placed 3 links below to read more about the events.

A great event organizer in our Community, Gretchen Hunt. Stated that citizens wanted to keep the momentum going that started as, The Beatles at the Ridge tribute in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas on September 13th, 2012 . It's great to
know that since the beginning of this
New Adventure in Walnut Ridge, Ar,
The community has become more involved and supported us and our future with, "Beatles" at the Ridge.

Anna Baty

December 1, 2012

"Erase the evil Ghost within".

"Erase the evil Ghost within".

I feel a breeze as it touches my skin. I hear the chimes as the music begins. Like day and night, you change like the wind.
Always breaking my heart, i still wont give in. My outside is weak, but my soul remains strong. I want to love him, even though it feels wrong.

The man that i loved was soft and caring. His soul is a ghost, that stops him from sharing. So lost and confused, he chooses to abuse, For I will not give in nor will it be excused. I believe in my heart, He has lost his way. The man that i love, is hiding inside a ghost everyday. Deep in my heart it hurts me so. I fight so hard not to let him win, Because the man that i love can't,
"Erase the evil Ghost within".

Anna Baty
Live, Laugh, and Love Life