September 15, 2012

The world's War that never Ends.

I see it all day as it Lights up our Skies. Five Fighter Jets come flying by. Our people in hiding from constant Scare where do we go there's fighting everywhere. We hold our dear Babies and run for our lives.

The fighting continues how can we survive. The world's people have the Power, to stop all this "Violence" why can't we "Unite" and pray again in "Silence".
We bow our heads because lives
are lost. How many more will
"Die" and at what cost.

Were still in a Battle you gave us no choice, Our people surround you and start using there voice. Why cant we step down with no further terror, Why can't we all "Unite" To show our "Countries" all lives should we spared.

Why tell us its "Victory" if our War never ends. Our countries need each other to help and defend , But the way that i see it the "War"will never End.

Written by, Anna Baty

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