October 29, 2012

Halloween "vs" true Values.

This story is not intended for anyone in particular. What kind of values are we teaching our children. When we are saying its ok to spend $20 to $50 on a Halloween Costume that is only good for one night of fun.

Now what can $20 to $50 do
in today's economy.It can help pay a water bill it can also help buy groceries for a week. Or maybe be saved for that family Vacation next summer together. What happened to making homemade costumes?. Has Halloween become a competition on who has the best costume or most expensive.

Yes I believe it has and with today's economy one never knows when that rainy day will come. What happens when you get laid off from your Job.
Or maybe you or your children need medicine and can't afford it.

My point is when your child asks you, Mom or Dad I need $30 for a school trip and your reply is! Well we just don't have it. Will they or you remember you just spent $20 to $50 on a Halloween Costume for a popularity contest instead of saving it.

Tell me how can one explain to a child that the values in life are just spend it because its only money and if we need money we can Rob Peter to pay Paul.
That's another story in itself.
I say the values we teach our children are what they grow up to remember that's its ok to spend money we can't afford to spend.

Anna Baty

October 25, 2012

Fallen Within Band "Rock n' For A Cure"

Fallen Within Band. Playing Saturday, 10-27-12 at 3p.m."Rock n' For A Cure" at Beatles Park in downtown Walnut Ridge to raise proceeds for the Lawrence County Cancer Walk of Hope.This is a special event to honor the Survivors and those lives lost to Cancer. This is a great cause and we all need to show our support for the
Bands and help in the Fight for a Cure.

Well here they are the band always steps up to help for a cure. The Concert is Saturday. The Local alternative/southern rock band Fallen Within will host "Rock n' For A Cure" on Saturday at Beatles Park in downtown Walnut Ridge to raise proceeds for the Lawrence County Cancer Walk of Hope.

The concert will begin at 3 p.m. and will include performances from Fallin Within, as well as punk/metal band Queen Anne's Revenge and alternative/pop punk band Smog Farmer.

During the event, donations will be collected to benefit the Lawrence County Cancer Walk of Hope. "We are very excited to be a part of the 'Rock n' For A Cure' event," said Carolyn Fowler, co-founder of the organization.

One hundred percent of donations collected will benefit the organization, which provides funding to Lawrence County cancer patients in need. The organization also donates a small portion of funds to the American Cancer Society.
I want to thank the Times Dispatch
for such an Excellent Job.

Anna Baty

October 20, 2012

Step UP!!! Stop the Bullying.

Step UP!!! Stop the Bullying.
Are you part of the "Problem"
Or part of the "Solution".

Watch my video below, I was a
Victim of being Anonymously
Bullied, Why did no one ever notice
or help?. My only way out was
Death I was 11 yrs, old.

We all know this is a cruel world
In today's society. I have to say in the past we had been bullied. We had a different way of dealing with it better.
It was not as common as today.

I am disgusted with the way girls and boys, Men and women, Moms & Dads, even Teachers use bullying in there very own lives and in school and never notice. Remember when you tell your daughter, If you keep eating like that you going to be a fat pig look at you now your ugly. Or son, grow up if you keep acting like a sissy no women will want or love you.

We all know there's heavy peer pressure at School, Sitting alone at the lunch table because your clothes don't match.Teacher puts you in the very back of classroom because your
"Slow" and the kids and Teachers think
that your stupid and you waste there time. The Coach won't let you play sports because you can't catch a Football.The Choir Teacher doesn't take you to Competitions because
you can't sing very good and they don't
want the School to be embarrassed.

Well I'm here to say, watch this video, then maybe next time you decide to bully someone who took there own life because you or no one else cared enough to notice or offer "Hope".

Bullycide- Bullied to Death Memorial how many are victims of Anonymously Bullied.

I will be your "Voice your Hope".
Anna Baty

October 18, 2012

Patient Assistance Programs - Clinics that offer Low-income help with Doctors and Medicine.

Patient Assistance Programs - Clinics that offer Low-income help with Doctors and Medicine.
I wanted to put this link out because it's a program where clinics offer help with going to the Doctors and Free or reduced Medicine. So please pass this around it's for all States.

Pledge to help stop Child Hunger.

No Child should ever go Hungry.Will you sign the Pledge or let America's children continue to go hungry. I placed a link below. Or next time your at the grocery store spend an extra $5 and buy something to donate to the food-bank.
Here is a link to earn Reward Points to help with Hunger.

Little Big Town "Here's Hope" Music Video to help with Hunger.

We believe no child or Family, in America should ever go hungry.
Take the Pledge today and add your voice to ending childhood hunger in America. Please Sign the pledge. Our link is below to help a child.
Our Partners | No Kid Hungry | End Child Hunger in America

Anna Baty

Find your "Happiness" today.

Find your "Happiness" today.

Happiness can become your highest level of success but remember one must slow down to enjoy it. Take the time to turn up the music and sing out loud and dance, invite someone and be happy together.

Happiness is found in the choices we make every day. It can also be the little things that bring a magical smile to our hearts.Bake some cupcakes put a smily face on them and surprise your workers in the morning.

It’s all about thinking good thoughts, speaking kind words, taking good actions, and enjoying the small things we see in life that we take for granted.
Be spontaneous if you dare.
Go out and find your "Happiness".

Anna Baty

October 11, 2012

I've not known "Love" yet.

I love life and all it holds. All I ask is treat me with respect if I respect you. Like me for the words I write and speak, not how my lips move when talking. Life has always been a challenge for me.

I sometimes write about a life I want and will never know. I sit and look around and try not to crumble to my knees. I look around and think, Am I ugly and Fat is that what the world

My strength is myself, It pushes me harder every day. For I look deep inside and say why must I always be strong. Can someone just hold me and tell me, Your Beautiful and nothing about you Is "Wrong".

I feel the need to run and hide. Is it because I'm weak inside.Where no one will judge me or make fun of me.See I'm "Lonely" and I never say my life's perfect, for I've not known "Love" yet.

Anna Baty

October 10, 2012

Meningitis outbreak has claimed 11 lives.

This is very serious and the epidemic is getting worse. Please read if you have had an injectable steroid, called methylprednisolone. Fungal Meningitis Outbreak: 119 Cases, 11 Deaths. 13,000 people may have been exposed to the injectable steroid, called methylprednisolone since May-12. I placed a link below to read more about this Meningitis Outbreak epidemic. The link shows a map and the states with how many deaths and people sickened in your state.

An eleventh person has died and 108 more have been sickened by a rare form of fungal meningitis, health officials said today. This is very serious and is getting worse please read if you have had an injectable steroid, called methylprednisolone.

Thirty-nine of the fungal meningitis cases -- six of them lethal -- have been in Tennessee. Cases have also been reported in Michigan, Virginia, Indiana, Maryland, Florida, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio and, most recently, New Jersey.
The outbreak of aspergillus meningitis has been linked to an injectable steroid, called methylprednisolone acetate, made by the New England Compounding Center in Framingham, Mass. A sealed vial of the drug, obtained by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, contained levels of fungus that were visible to the naked eye.
All Credit goes to ABC News.
Fungal Meningitis Outbreak: 119 Cases, 11 Deaths - ABC News

Anna Baty

October 8, 2012

16 yr old girl dies as Stepfather and adults watch the fight.

Hello, Please click the link below to view the story
Teasing over flatulence leads to death of a 16 yr old girl. On Oct-5-12

WARRENSVILLE HEIGHTS, OH Police say a 16-year-old girl is dead and another 16-year-old girl is in police custody. Officials say the girls were fighting around 8 p.m.Wednesday at 4769 Walford Road in Warrensville Heights.

According to witnesses the victim was teasing the suspect because she passed gas.One thing led to another and fisticuffs began flying. Witnesses also tell 19 Action News that several adults stood around and watched the whole thing go down, including the victim's stepfather. But by the time he intervened, it was too late.

Shaakira Dorsey collapsed once the fight was broken up. EMS rushed her to the hospital, where she died.The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner has not yet released her cause of death.

The teen suspect has been charged with one count of murder. Her name is not being released.
The Warrensville Heights School District released a statement saying:

"Warrensville Heights City School District is deeply saddened by the loss of a member of our student family, Shaakira Dorsey, who passed away on Wednesday evening. Shaakira was an eleventh grade student at the High School and a member of the Lady Tigers Softball Team. We will follow our established procedures for this type of crisis. The Grief Counseling Team will be available in the High School throughout the remainder of the week and next week as well. At this time, we are respecting her family's privacy and ask that you keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Details regarding arrangements will be shared at a later date."

Copyright 2012 WOIO. All rights reserved.

Credits go to 19 Action News
Anna Baty

October 6, 2012

I define who I am.

I define who I am.

I define who I am, not by the names you call me. I'm not a size 4, I'm a size 20 but my curves are mine I own them.
No I'm not "Perfect" but I'm still beautiful in someone's eyes. I have a brilliant mind.
Full of silent "Words" I I'm full of "Passion" I love life and all the "Beauty" it offers me.

Beauty is defined by me.
Not by society.

I have felt pain, pity. and prejudice. But I'm still standing with my head held high. I will still walk among those who have felt and been treated as if they have no existence in this world. So I still speak these words again,
"I define who I am".

Anna Baty

October 5, 2012

White teammates place a noose around an African Americans neck.

" What do you think there Judgement should have been".

A Hazing incident occurred in Wynne, Ar, When a 9th grade African American student reported that a noose was placed around his neck by 2 of his White Football Teammates.
Lets just say you will be shocked by
The School Boards decision.
Also the Police departments decision.

Please read this story I placed a link for rest of Hazing story and the video below. I also posted a Link on the School Boards decision and what angered both the Black and White parents.To me this is a great Injustice.

Video and link on the Hazing Incident.

The incident occurred last week and resulted in the suspension of 7 students. But a stiffer penalty, expulsion, was recommended by the Superintendent but required a vote by the school board. A lot of the outrage was because the board voted to expel two junior varsity players for the remainder of the Semester instead of expulsion for rest of the School year.

Video of School Board Meeting.

Link on the School Boards Decisions.
Credit goes to www.Kait8news.com for there continuous news coverage.
Anna Baty