October 22, 2013

"The true Beauty of a woman".

Sometimes there is only one way to explain the beauty of a women. 
Sometimes it's the way she presents her elegance.  Maybe it's her flawless smile as she lights up a room. Maybe it's the softness of her fingertips as she brushes your face and kisses you on the cheek. Could it be the soft words she speaks or her fun but serious spontaneous ways.  

Then when it's time, she carries her tired self to the bed and thinks to herself as she drifts off. If he only knew that the beauty of a woman must be seen through her eyes, To know the "True" beauty of a woman you must feel it from her soul. 
That's called, 
"The true Beauty of a woman".
Anna Baty

The Photo's are of Amber Rose
and Rikki Lash. 
Photo Copy rights belong to Rikki Lash. She is an amazing Photographer. Here is her link for more of her amazing photo's.