September 12, 2012

"Think Before You Drink" Leptospirosis.

"Think Before You Drink !"
Leptospirosis this can be very deadly if not taken care of immediately. I placed 2 links below for more information on this.Leptospirosis – the most common infectious disease transmitted from animal to humans.

People can become severely ill or die from drinking a cold drink.Some people were diagnosed with a leptospirosis infection – a disease contracted by drinking from a can that had been unrinated on by a rat infected with leptospira bacteria.

Symptoms begin two to 25 days after the first direct exposure to the either the urine or the contaminated soil or water.

Humans can contract leptospirosis through consuming contaminated food or water, or coming in to contact with leptospira bacteria via broken skin or mucous membranes, namely the eyes, mouth and nose.

Mild leptospirosis side effects are flu-like symptoms such as headaches, chills and muscle pains. Serve leptospirosis is more extreme as it may lead to organ failure and internal bleeding because the bacteria are infecting major organs.

Some factories and stores, Store there's in back-rooms Or stockrooms. Employees at smaller shops have admitted to not wiping the loose cold drink cans off before shelving them.
It also located near farms or open fields. As most of the cases I have treated were from infected farm animals.

Rats, cows, pigs and dogs are some of the main known carriers of the leptospira bacteria.The bacterium is spread through the areas where the infected animals have urinated.

Anna Baty

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