December 17, 2013

Happiness is your choice.

Let's start by remembering. For every minute your angry or irritated, you lose moments to be happy. Be happy. 
Be yourself. If others don’t like it, then
let them be. Life isn’t about pleasing everybody.

If you have the courage to admit when you’re scared, the ability to laugh even as you cry, the nerve to speak up, even if your voice is shaking, the confidence to ask for help when you need it, and the wisdom to take it when it’s offered, then you have everything you need to get yourself to a happier state of mind.

Begin today by taking responsibility
for your own contentment.
Choose your happiness first.
Anna Baty,

October 22, 2013

"The true Beauty of a woman".

Sometimes there is only one way to explain the beauty of a women. 
Sometimes it's the way she presents her elegance.  Maybe it's her flawless smile as she lights up a room. Maybe it's the softness of her fingertips as she brushes your face and kisses you on the cheek. Could it be the soft words she speaks or her fun but serious spontaneous ways.  

Then when it's time, she carries her tired self to the bed and thinks to herself as she drifts off. If he only knew that the beauty of a woman must be seen through her eyes, To know the "True" beauty of a woman you must feel it from her soul. 
That's called, 
"The true Beauty of a woman".
Anna Baty

The Photo's are of Amber Rose
and Rikki Lash. 
Photo Copy rights belong to Rikki Lash. She is an amazing Photographer. Here is her link for more of her amazing photo's.

September 25, 2013

Obamacare Enrollment starts Oct, 1, 2013 and you must have Insurance effective Jan. 1, 2014

Obamacare  Enrollment starts 
Oct, 1, 2013 and you must have Insurance effective Jan. 1, 2014

Please take the time to explore your Insurance options at the government link below. Please share the Gov, Insurance links below.

Obamacare  Enrollment starts 
Oct, 1, 2013 and you must have Insurance effective Jan. 1, 2014 or pay a penalty starting Jan, 2014. This requires all eligible individuals, including children, to have health insurance. Please read more below on the rates and penalties on not having no insurance.

I placed the link below on the Arkansas Insurance plan and rates and to get you started with some free tips. Also a link on the penalty which is a steep price and it's the IRS who set the rates. Now if you have work Insurance, Medicaid or other Insurance and your children have Ark kids 1st, insurance this does not effect you.

First I'm going to say by looking at the rates by age, family size and yep you guessed it, If your a smoker expect to pay more. I was shocked thinking ok we either pay the monthly rate for insurance or get penalized, Failure to be insured can trigger a penalty fee of $95 per adult and $47.50 per child in 2014. If you have individual coverage but your dependent children aren't insured, you can still face penalties on them.
I have a feeling a lot of American People will be getting penalized according to these rates.

September 16, 2013

Social Security makes $1.3 billion mistake but "Blames the American people".

Social Security makes $1.3 billion in overpayments.

Wait I know what their answer is!
It's all the American people's fault. The Government workers had no ideal even though they have all the files. 

Well as I read this I will say I blame both sides. First of all 
Once you qualify for disability benefits, you're able to enter a trial work period, where you can return to work and continue to receive benefits but only for up to nine months.
" Common sense" tells you after someone's still on this program after a year and you know there still working why? would the
Social Security offices still pay benefits for another year or two knowing that so many are still 
working past the nine-month trial period.

I placed the link below for the entire story.

To become eligible, you must go through a five-month waiting period during which your earnings must not exceed $1,000 during any given month. But the GAO found that thousands of the people who were receiving benefits had incomes exceeding this limit.

One recipient, a physician, raked in $90,000 in overpayments over three years, even though he had earnings of as much as $22,000 per month during the five-month waiting period. Two other people have received overpayments of more than $20,000 so far this year, despite the fact they held jobs that paid substantial income during the waiting period.

Here are some other cases.
In one case, a woman was given $74,000 in payments after she had been working for more than nine months, and a man was paid $57,000 in benefits following the nine-month grace period.

Credit for story goes to.
CNNMoney | Business, financial and personal finance news.

August 14, 2013

What age is considered Sexual Child Abuse???.

What age is considered Sexual Child Abuse???.

Well I can't even image my 12 yr old child pregnant. This seems to be an epidemic here in Arkansas. 
Please explain to me how this cannot be considered sexual  child abuse on a parents part. 

The mother let the 17 yr old boyfriend move in when he was 16 and he began sleeping with her daughter at age 11. 
I remember at that age I was playing jacks and jump rope.

Should the mother and boy be charged. Well a judge decided the boy is considered  a minor and the mom allowed them to have sex so he could not find charges for child sexual abuse.To me this is just wrong in every-way. Now the boy has moved out to shun his responsibilities and is now with a 14 yr old. 

What in the hell I think the boy should be held responsible for his actions and the mother should have been charged with child endangerment.

What do you think??.

Written by, 
Anna Baty, 8-14-13

July 22, 2013

What would you do if there were no Food Stamps??.

What do you think??.
House Republicans Cut Food Stamps. 2013 Farm Bill Brings Major Cuts to Food Stamps, SNAP Program | InTheCapital.

Let me ask what did mothers do in the 50's and 60's when there were no food stamps to give and some Mothers had 7 to 14 kids.
They didn't let them starve.
What do you think?.

These are the programs being cut.
1.Cuts to food stamps that could knock millions of low-income Americans out of the program.

2. Cuts to Meals on Wheels, a program that delivers meals to seniors or other individuals who are unable to prepare their own food.

3.Cuts funding to health exchanges that will be created under Obamacare and funding for Medicaid included in the same law.

July 16, 2013

Have you praised a child today.

Have you praised a child today.

Love and praise a child today, encourage them. Let them know 
that there special people to. Let them express themselves by scribbling and pdrawing at any age.

Because a child's scribbles and drawings by there own hands is called learning art through expression. Let them learn who
they are and how unique they have become.Let them know there art is special enough to hang right beside a "Picasso" art piece.   

Written by,
Anna Baty, 7-16-13

June 22, 2013

The music in me.

My life- Fallen Within

The Bee Gees- 'To Love Somebody

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen FULL HD

Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler - Cocaine

Witchy Woman Eagles

June 21, 2013

Ooh how that hits the spot.

It's 104 degrees smoldering hot.
Sweat dripping down between your breasts. Then you cool yourself off with the light mist from the watering hose as the cool water evaporites the heat from your body.

Then you dry off and decide to get something that hits the spot. As you reach into the freezer,  You take out a French Vanilla 
Ice cream cone. Can't wait to unwrap its flavor. Soon you find yourself wrapped up in the moment. You begin to lick it ever so slowly as it hits the spot. 

This is when you remember your favorite treat is the taste from your favorite Ice cream cone the only thing that can cool you from the inside out.

Anna Baty

June 15, 2013

Happy Father's Day, To all Dads.

Happy Father's Day. 
To all dads, On earth and in heaven.This song is dedicated to you. 
I  love and miss you everyday "Dad".
Holly Dunn Daddy's Hands [Lyrcis]

We will always feel you by our side. From the first time you held our hands when we took our first steps together. Also "Dad" you will always be our Hero's.

Remember without our dads we would not exist in today's world. 
So I want to say "Dad" thank you 
for loving me, Thank you for the hugs when I was hurt and couldn't stop crying. Above all "Dad" 
thank -you, for always believing in me. 

Written by,
Anna Baty, 6-16-13

June 12, 2013

A Plea bargin with the Devil.

Who's to blame, Our justice system or the family's. Doesn't the victim deserve justice. 
I understand wanting to bury there Daughter, but when did ignorance set in and we started giving murders a choice to decide there sentencing on there terms.
Clay Waller agreed to tell authorities where he buried his wife in exchange for the 2nd degree murder sentence of 20 years. 
Jacque Waller’s family did not feel the 20 year sentence was long enough but they accepted it because the deal allowed them to find Jacque`s body. 

Clay Waller Pleads Guilty to Wife’s Murder, Sentenced to 20 Years

June 5, 2013

A Restless Soul, Wanting to be free.

I'm a restless soul waiting to soar high above the clouds. I want to see the world. Do i like what i see 
and what will i be. Like a restless Dove she follows her dreams.
I wander through life so aimlessly.
I decided i just want to be free.

I fly my own path to see where i go. My dreams no more shattered i call them my own. 
The hurt from the world 
it causes me pain. I feel so restricted my minds going insane.
So now i fly higher trying not to be seen. For my souls like a Dove,
wanting to be Free.
Written by,
Anna Baty, 6-5-13

May 20, 2013

Do not cry but "Smile" for me.

I dedicate this poem to Sidney
Randall's Mom, family and friends.

Do not cry but "Smile" for me.

I want to say, please don't miss 
me as I see your crying tears.
I'll always be with you every day
To whisper I love you and chase your fears away.

Family and friends you can always talk to me. Even though I'm not here Remember, I'm just sleeping now, 
So I'll always be near.

Remember when you Laugh i will laugh with you. When you cry I will wipe your eyes dry. I'll blow you nightly kisses from the sky. 
To let you know it's time to sleep. 
So family and friends you can now close your eyes. I'll always be in your hearts so we will never be apart.

Written by, Anna Baty

May 16, 2013

There's a place we all belong.

There's a place we all belong.

The happiness of life is made up of minute fractions, They are soon forgotten the small charities of a kiss or a smile, a kind look or a heartfelt compliment.
By, Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

When we become lost take some time to find where you belong. 
Even if its with someone you love 
or simply to find your inner-self. 
Remember the saying and the song,
There's A Place For Us.
By, Anna Baty

Samuel Taylor Coleridge
There's A Place For Us - Carrie Underwood.

May 14, 2013

When's the last time you said Thank-you or I am Grateful ?.

When's the last time you said 
Thank-you or I am Grateful ?.

We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude. Have you took the time to appreciate this important list. Tell me how many things on this list are you grateful for.
Anna Baty,

60 Things to Be Grateful For In Life.
Cynthia Ozick

May 10, 2013

Happy Mothers Day to all Mothers around the world.

Happy Mothers Day to all Mothers around the world.

I also dedicate this to my sisters.  and daughters, Samantha and Kimmie.
Mothers around the world. 
I want to say our strength and Hearts are what bonds us as Mothers, from around the World. We are the silent "Angels" that protect you our "Children".
Remember the words below this is who we are. 

M- is for, the Million things we Love and do for you. 
O- means, that we are Open-minded to all your Dreams. 
T- is for, the Tears, We cry 
when we know your hurting.
H-  is for, the Honesty in our Hearts.
E- is for, Everything about you that gives us Strength. 
R- is for, the Reasons we, Smile, have Strength and continue to Love you Unconditionally. 
S- is for, Standing beside you 
through, Thick &Thin.

We as Mothers will always be your, 1st Love, and your Last Love. As you will always be ours. 
Loved you today, Tomorrow
 and Forever, your Mother.

Written by, 
Anna Baty, 5-12-13

May 8, 2013

Remember if it hurts you !!! It hurts them

While the majority of domestic violence victims are women, abuse of men happens far more often than you’d probably expect. Typically, men are physically stronger than women and to embarrass to admit there being abused.  Men are also abused especially verbally, physically and emotionally. 

It doesn’t necessarily make it easier for men to escape the violence or the relationship. An abused man faces a shortage of resources, skepticism from police, and major legal obstacles.

No matter your age, occupation, or sexual orientation, though, you can overcome these challenges and escape the abuse. It still makes you feel weak and defeated and the answer is not to strike back. The answer should be to try and get help for the abuser and the family if its trying to save the relationship.

Please remember if it hurts you!!! It hurts them.

Anna Baty

April 28, 2013

My soul is "Lost without you".

My soul is lost without you.

Never had a reason to smile until you came into my life. I felt as if my heart was given a new heart beat. My soul had a new reason to shine because I felt whole again knowing that you have infected me with more love then I could ever image.

Now without you, I find myself wanting to be lost again. My smile is lost along with my blacked soul. See love makes us crawl out from our hiding place and our love begins to spread like fire into the one that you will forever felt safe with.

Always knowing that he's the reason for your beautiful smile and the reason your soul opens up and shines like a beautiful sunset.

Darren Hayes-Lost without you(english lycris)

Anna Baty, 4-28-13

April 26, 2013

The Monster that touches me.

Please if you know a child's be abused, Take the time to stop and help. If your a mother or father love your child and let them know you are there protector.

I sit on the bed Shivering from the pain. Because here in my home lives a Monster with a Name. I keep telling Mommy please don't leave me alone, because the monster he touches me lives in our Home.

I want to tell someone can you help me please i'm just a small child and the pain it doesn't ease.This Monster it tells me to stay on my knees. Come home my dear Mommy, and stop this Monster who keeps hurting me.There is no stoping so i know of one thing to do.

I find a Gun that is loaded to hide under my bed. I'm wait for the Monster to enter my Room. I pull it out as i'm on my knees, Killing the Monster that keeps hurting me.

I lift myself up from under the bed looking to see if the Monster is Dead. Look mommy this is the Monster I want you to see. He can no longer touch or hurt me. See Mommy I'm no longer afraid of being alone I had to protect myself because you we're never home.

Anna Baty, 4-26-13

April 18, 2013

Listen to the Music of a Lover's Dance.

Just to share one night with you.
with candles burning low. Let's dance
to the love songs as your eyes share a secret glow. My senses are filled with
a hunger that burns so deep inside.
You stand before me unafraid with
nothing left to hide.

We move together now as one.
Our hearts and bodies intertwined with your flesh upon me soft as silk as love and passion are defined. We wait until the passionate moment for the music's final note.

Knowing that my touch, has set your soul on fire. Let'a continue to dance to the music, while we feel our sexual desire. Listen with ones ears as your body starts to unfold, To the touch of my hands as my stories being told. Hold me close and,
Listen to the Music of a Lover's Dance
Anna Baty

April 5, 2013

I am 14 years old and Pregnant.I have lost Faith.

I am 14 years old and Pregnant.
I have lost Faith.
Please read this story it could be happening to your Daughter Now.

This is a big issue in Schools today. Even if your student rides a Bus, walks or is taken by the parent. How can a student be
there for the first 2 periods, and not be missed rest of the day by
teachers.Then it's time for the
final bell to ring to go home and
your child shows up like nothings wrong and still no one speaks up.

1. How does a student miss 15 days of school when you as the parent drop them off at School and the parent is never notified until it's at court or they failed that semester.
2. Does our teachers not notice that the student was there 1st & 2nd period but not rest of the day and the parent did not check them out.
3. Now your child gets sick so you take her to the Doctors, just to be shocked that at 14 years old your daughter is "Pregnant".

4. Who's fault does this become when you know you don't let your child date at 14.
She is always home at night with the family. Then she proceeds to tell you that she has been leaving the school campus to be with her 19 year old boyfriend and no one
even noticed she was gone and
Mom you never noticed when I was leaving at night either.

5. Now as a parent what would you do?.
Anna Baty

April 2, 2013

Will you have the answer ?.

When we feel lost in life and can't make a right decision, Do we just stop and get quiet?. Do we take a time-out?.We can ask ourselves? How does this feel?
My answer! Our lives would be very lonely. Sometimes we can fix this and other times we can't. I try not to listen to the should of's and could of's and try to go beyond
my expectations, and do what's best for my life.

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Life's Lessons

So if we just listen and believe in our own abilities then all our answers lay ultimately within us, and only we can choose what to change in our lives. Mistakes will be made in our journeys through life.That's called one of life's lessons. Now when you reach that time in your life can I ask?.
Will you have the answer ?.

Written by,
Anna Baty

March 28, 2013

Parent's teach children values.

As parents we try to provide our children with the nurturing, love and support that they will need to grow in positive ways in life. Sometimes this leads to trying to keep our children happy by giving them all they ask for just to keep them satisfied and never doing without.Yes we all want our children to be happy. Always laughing and smiling without a care in the world. But remember our world is not a Magical Fantasy.

Suzy Bogguss, Alison Krauss, Kathy Mattea & Crosby, Stills & Nash - Teach Your Children

Teach your children the values in life. Because one day they will be rewarded as adults with self reliance and values for the things that are important to achieving true happiness and self-worth in there life and knowing these values were taught with guidance and love from parents who understood so it's never to late to, Parents continue teaching children values.

Written by,
Anna Baty

March 19, 2013

Our "Angels" our "Mothers".

Our "Angels" our "Mothers".

They fly with wings they flutter high to touch our souls and fly to the sky.There Angels and there always around us fluttering by.
(Our Mothers) with the angel wings there always around us as they softly sing.

CHRISTINA AGUILERA LYRICS for I Turn To You (onscreen text)

We feel your touch as you softly pass by. We as your Mothers need you to know that we will never be away from your side. We want you to feel the soft kiss on your cheek, this is for the times you start to feel week. When you feel a breeze that closes in on you. It me your Mother saying,
"I will forever love you".

Forever with you Mom, Love you.
Written by, Your loving Daughter,
Anna Baty

March 17, 2013

Risk it "Chase your Rainbow".

Risk it "Chase your Rainbow".

Happiness can become our highest level of success but remember one must slow down to enjoy it.Take the time to turn up the music and sing out loud and dance, invite someone into your life and chase the happiness together.

Sheena Easton- Follow My Rainbow (MV Version)(digital clear)(hi-fi)

Happiness is found in choices we make every day.It can also be found in the little things that bring a magical smile to our faces. Chase your Rainbow together wherever it may lead.

Be spontaneous if you dare.Go out and chase your Rainbow and may your luck be found in one another and the Happiness
you share on your journey together.
Risk it "Chase your Rainbow".

Anna Baty

March 9, 2013

Hope comes from inside ones "Heart & Soul".

"Heart & Soul".

Sometimes in life we have to stop holding on to what has continuously hurt us in life. We have to make room for what we knew was right.Do not let what is out of your control interfere with all the things you can control. Because you don't need someone to tell you that you have made a difference because you can see it.

Strength is about choosing your path not walking someone else's. We live with the consequences, and learn from them. Don’t let people stop you. Live your life so that you never have to regret the chances you took and made.

The amazing love you shared, and the gift of hope for change in someones life. Remember that trying is better then being bitter and demanding chance. Because
the hope and difference you made in someones life comes from inside a persons,
"Heart & Soul".

Written by,
Anna Baty

March 5, 2013

Businesses stop being "Greedy"

Businesses stop being "Greedy"

Today was a day where I could have blown a gasket. I'm one of them that believes if you have service with a company for longer then 15 years.
You should not have to go to one of there local offices and pay them an extra $5 to pay your bill when your service is with them. I will be the first to say money don't go as far anymore. I will not pay a company that I have service with any extra money at all to pay my bill at there office.

A great example is - Work check after taxes is $321.56. Bills = $137 for Gas & Lights. $90 for Groceries, $32 Internet and $40 Fuel.
Total = $299.00
Total left = $22.56
Point is Businesses are to greedy and if your service is through that company then have some respect for your customers and build your business better by taking the payment for free,
Businesses stop being "Greedy"

Anna Baty

March 4, 2013

What's your "Life say about you" ?.

What's your "Life About" ?.

Life's isn't about keeping score with society. It's not about your expensive clothes and shoes or how expensive was your car. Its not about the color of your skin or what part of the world you live in.

Life just isn't about you and who you are as a person. Life is also about who you love and hurt in the process. It's about how you feel about yourself as a person which consists of, Respect, trust, and compassion for others. Its also about building confidence in yourself and others.

Make life about seeing people for who they are and not what they have. Most of all life is about choosing to use your life
to touch someone else's life in a way that gives hope that could never have been possible otherwise. So I ask ?
What's your "Life say about you" ?.

Written by,
Anna Baty

March 2, 2013

"Keep your soul alive let it "Shine".

"Keep your soul alive let it "Shine".

Do not let your fire go out spark it by a irreplaceable spark
in the hopes of always shining with a glow that shows
you can shine even if it's only in your world. 
Do not let the hero in your soul stay lonely
and feel defeated because of the frustration in your life
and those around you.
We all deserve better in our lives.
The world you desire can be yours because it does exist.
Remember all things are possible and can be yours
if you chose to keep that "Fire Burning"
and let the world know this is your dream and you can achieve it.
"Keep your soul alive let it "Shine".
Written by Anna Baty