April 28, 2013

My soul is "Lost without you".

My soul is lost without you.

Never had a reason to smile until you came into my life. I felt as if my heart was given a new heart beat. My soul had a new reason to shine because I felt whole again knowing that you have infected me with more love then I could ever image.

Now without you, I find myself wanting to be lost again. My smile is lost along with my blacked soul. See love makes us crawl out from our hiding place and our love begins to spread like fire into the one that you will forever felt safe with.

Always knowing that he's the reason for your beautiful smile and the reason your soul opens up and shines like a beautiful sunset.

Darren Hayes-Lost without you(english lycris)

Anna Baty, 4-28-13

April 26, 2013

The Monster that touches me.

Please if you know a child's be abused, Take the time to stop and help. If your a mother or father love your child and let them know you are there protector.

I sit on the bed Shivering from the pain. Because here in my home lives a Monster with a Name. I keep telling Mommy please don't leave me alone, because the monster he touches me lives in our Home.

I want to tell someone can you help me please i'm just a small child and the pain it doesn't ease.This Monster it tells me to stay on my knees. Come home my dear Mommy, and stop this Monster who keeps hurting me.There is no stoping so i know of one thing to do.

I find a Gun that is loaded to hide under my bed. I'm wait for the Monster to enter my Room. I pull it out as i'm on my knees, Killing the Monster that keeps hurting me.

I lift myself up from under the bed looking to see if the Monster is Dead. Look mommy this is the Monster I want you to see. He can no longer touch or hurt me. See Mommy I'm no longer afraid of being alone I had to protect myself because you we're never home.

Anna Baty, 4-26-13

April 18, 2013

Listen to the Music of a Lover's Dance.

Just to share one night with you.
with candles burning low. Let's dance
to the love songs as your eyes share a secret glow. My senses are filled with
a hunger that burns so deep inside.
You stand before me unafraid with
nothing left to hide.

We move together now as one.
Our hearts and bodies intertwined with your flesh upon me soft as silk as love and passion are defined. We wait until the passionate moment for the music's final note.

Knowing that my touch, has set your soul on fire. Let'a continue to dance to the music, while we feel our sexual desire. Listen with ones ears as your body starts to unfold, To the touch of my hands as my stories being told. Hold me close and,
Listen to the Music of a Lover's Dance
Anna Baty

April 5, 2013

I am 14 years old and Pregnant.I have lost Faith.

I am 14 years old and Pregnant.
I have lost Faith.
Please read this story it could be happening to your Daughter Now.

This is a big issue in Schools today. Even if your student rides a Bus, walks or is taken by the parent. How can a student be
there for the first 2 periods, and not be missed rest of the day by
teachers.Then it's time for the
final bell to ring to go home and
your child shows up like nothings wrong and still no one speaks up.

1. How does a student miss 15 days of school when you as the parent drop them off at School and the parent is never notified until it's at court or they failed that semester.
2. Does our teachers not notice that the student was there 1st & 2nd period but not rest of the day and the parent did not check them out.
3. Now your child gets sick so you take her to the Doctors, just to be shocked that at 14 years old your daughter is "Pregnant".

4. Who's fault does this become when you know you don't let your child date at 14.
She is always home at night with the family. Then she proceeds to tell you that she has been leaving the school campus to be with her 19 year old boyfriend and no one
even noticed she was gone and
Mom you never noticed when I was leaving at night either.

5. Now as a parent what would you do?.
Anna Baty

April 2, 2013

Will you have the answer ?.

When we feel lost in life and can't make a right decision, Do we just stop and get quiet?. Do we take a time-out?.We can ask ourselves? How does this feel?
My answer! Our lives would be very lonely. Sometimes we can fix this and other times we can't. I try not to listen to the should of's and could of's and try to go beyond
my expectations, and do what's best for my life.

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Life's Lessons

So if we just listen and believe in our own abilities then all our answers lay ultimately within us, and only we can choose what to change in our lives. Mistakes will be made in our journeys through life.That's called one of life's lessons. Now when you reach that time in your life can I ask?.
Will you have the answer ?.

Written by,
Anna Baty