July 22, 2013

What would you do if there were no Food Stamps??.

What do you think??.
House Republicans Cut Food Stamps. 2013 Farm Bill Brings Major Cuts to Food Stamps, SNAP Program | InTheCapital.

Let me ask what did mothers do in the 50's and 60's when there were no food stamps to give and some Mothers had 7 to 14 kids.
They didn't let them starve.
What do you think?.

These are the programs being cut.
1.Cuts to food stamps that could knock millions of low-income Americans out of the program.

2. Cuts to Meals on Wheels, a program that delivers meals to seniors or other individuals who are unable to prepare their own food.

3.Cuts funding to health exchanges that will be created under Obamacare and funding for Medicaid included in the same law.

July 16, 2013

Have you praised a child today.

Have you praised a child today.

Love and praise a child today, encourage them. Let them know 
that there special people to. Let them express themselves by scribbling and pdrawing at any age.

Because a child's scribbles and drawings by there own hands is called learning art through expression. Let them learn who
they are and how unique they have become.Let them know there art is special enough to hang right beside a "Picasso" art piece.   

Written by,
Anna Baty, 7-16-13