August 14, 2013

What age is considered Sexual Child Abuse???.

What age is considered Sexual Child Abuse???.

Well I can't even image my 12 yr old child pregnant. This seems to be an epidemic here in Arkansas. 
Please explain to me how this cannot be considered sexual  child abuse on a parents part. 

The mother let the 17 yr old boyfriend move in when he was 16 and he began sleeping with her daughter at age 11. 
I remember at that age I was playing jacks and jump rope.

Should the mother and boy be charged. Well a judge decided the boy is considered  a minor and the mom allowed them to have sex so he could not find charges for child sexual abuse.To me this is just wrong in every-way. Now the boy has moved out to shun his responsibilities and is now with a 14 yr old. 

What in the hell I think the boy should be held responsible for his actions and the mother should have been charged with child endangerment.

What do you think??.

Written by, 
Anna Baty, 8-14-13

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  1. To me, this is Child Endangerment on the parents part for allowing a then-16 year old boy to move in and start having sex with their 11 year old daughter. This is atrocious! They put their daughter in a dangerous situation that has now changed her life forever, and that of her unborn child - who unfortunately will probably grow up to repeat the behavior since we reap what we sow and do what we know - especially as children. In Tennessee, the law states an adult or minor can be charged with sexual abuse if is an age difference of 4 years or more. So, here he could have gotten charged & at age 17 probably would have been charged as an adult and served jail time of 5-15 years. Every state has different laws on this, of course. It is time for the laws in Arkansas to be changed in regards to this - both for the older male (in this case) and for the parents of the underage girl. IMHO, I think both the young 'man' and the parents should be charged with at least Child Endangerment, if not with sexual abuse