September 21, 2012

Son charged with 74-yr old Mothers Death.

Please read this, Son's sentence
will never make up for the pain
He caused his 74-yr old Mother.

53 yr old, James Owens Sentenced 1 Year on 9-20-12, for involuntary manslaughter and Forgery charges on Death of his 74 yr old Mother. 9-20-12

This story goes to show you some children are insensitive cruel, and greedy. One never knows what to expect from someone you raised and Loved.To take care of you in your time
of need.

James Owens, of Independence,
Mo, pleads Guilty to Elder Abuse.
and a Forgery charge. When his 74-year Mother, Carol Brown had spent several days in a vinyl recliner to which her legs were partly fused to. Carol Brown, died of an apparent stroke last November. Medical personnel found her several days earlier in the home she shared with son James Owens he was her care giver.

Fifty-three-year-old James Owens, of Independence, Mo, was sentenced to a year in jail he was charged with involuntary manslaughter Wednesday after pleading guilty in Jackson County Circuit Court.Also a forgery charge stemmed from the cashing of a Social Security check after his mother Passed.

Family members later told investigators that Owens had complied with his mother’s wish to refuse medical treatment and die at home. "This comment from the Family tells me the rest didn't care either how there family member was cared for".

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Son of woman fused to chair pleads to abuse in Jackson County -,0,357150.story

Anna Baty

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  1. 5 days? Skin fused to the chair? Maggot infestation? There is a vast difference between medical maggots and maggots occurring in a filth infested environment. Pardon me while I puke. That poor woman went through hell and the son gets a slap on the wrist. Bah.

    I'm not a doctor, but I'm darn sure it takes more than five days for your skin to fuse to vinyl! Vinyl isn't even porous. I have no problem with the concept that she wished to deny medical attention and die at home. But, to leave her in her own excrement and without care? That's denying her the most basic dignity. It's inhuman.