August 31, 2012

Never say you can't If your not willing to "Try".

Can't doesn't mean it's not there, if you don't see it try looking. Can't doesn't mean stop trying and give up.
Can't doesn't mean to keep letting others do it for you.

My Mom had a saying for us kids. Can't isn't a word it just means your to "Lazy" to get up and "Try".

I believe that if we give more encouragement, Take the time
to help if they ask, but don't do
it for them.Yes life is a "Challenge" but if we don't try then why except the challenge.

No one can tell you how to live your life. So if you choose to be "Dependent" on others in life. If your lazy and never try on your own,
Then don't assume the worlds
against you and no one "Loves"
you.A person can keep giving to you,
and continue to do it for you, Then I ask? what's your purpose.

You need to choose your, "Challenges" and your "Dreams" because they yours.That's what makes us "Unique"
We excepted the "Challenge"
We accomplished our "Dreams"
Because our life is a reflection of our "Soul". Remember you are your own "Creator" of your life's "Path". So don't blame the "World" if you say,
I Can't, and never "Try".

Anna Baty

August 30, 2012

What age should be legal to stop Driving???.

What age should be legal to stop Driving???. Ok he couldn't
remember if his breaks failed or not. I placed a link below with the video and

Aug-29-12, A 100 year old driver hits 11 near School. Nine children and two adults were hit. None of the victims suffered life-threatening injuries, and most had bumps and bruises. But what if someone was Killed??.
He's to old for Jail or Prison.

A 100-year-old man is apologetic after barreling into a crowd of mostly school kids in Los Angeles and sending 11 people to the hospital.

"I'm sorry," Preston Carter told
I lost control of the car. The brakes failed, I think.

Nine children and two adults were taken to hospitals, according to Erik Scott, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Fire Department.

None of the victims suffered life-threatening injuries, and most had bumps and bruises.

The incident occurred Wednesday afternoon when Carter was backing up from a grocery store near an elementary school in southern Los Angeles.

His Cadillac jumped the curb and plowed into the crowd, according to Richard French, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department.

Classes had let out at Main Street Elementary School and students were waiting to be picked up by their parents when the crash happened.

Officers are investigating the incident, but it does not appear that Carter will be charged, police told the affiliate .

Police will also try to determine whether a malfunction with Carter's car led to the accident.

But whether the crash was caused by faulty brakes or not, the centenarian, who will turn 101 next month, will not be driving anymore, his daughter told the affiliate.

Anna Baty

August 29, 2012

Hurricane Isaac pounds New Orleans Hard.

Isaac threatened to keep churning over the region for another day.

(CNN) - Louisiana and Mississippi officials conducted search-and-rescue missions Wednesday for residents stranded by Tropical Storm Isaac, which flooded highways and homes and pushed water over the top of a vital levee.

Please see the 2 links below to see the devastation and flooding there. See the videos and more stories.

While Isaac lost its hurricane status Wednesday afternoon, officials warned of continued life-threatening hazards from storm surges and local flooding.

The situation was particularly dire in Plaquemines Parish, southeast of New Orleans, where 3,000 people remained in one area close to an 8-foot tall levee that waters are threatening, according to a release from Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's office.

Earlier Jindal said a first estimate from local officials in the parish showed as many as 800 homes may have received significant water damage. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reported significant storm surge in the parish, scene of many rescues.

One involved National Guard troops who moved 112 residents from the Riverbend nursing home to another facility.

Dozens of Louisiana families that had ignored mandatory evacuation orders in a low-lying area retreated to their attics and roofs and sought rescue amid the howling wind and pounding rain.

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant said Wednesday that 34 people were rescued by boat in Hancock County, on the coast northeast of New Orleans, and 15 others were picked up by National Guard troops in trucks. CNN affiliate WWL reported major flooding in LaPlace, west of New Orleans.

Isaac threatened to keep churning over the region for another day.

The punishing storm conditions will persist "all day today, into tonight, into tomorrow," said Richard Knabb, director of the National Hurricane Center.
67,000 People without power
according to Energy.

Hurricane Tropical Storm Isaac Aug -29- 2012 , Video

Thanks to CNN News for there great

Anna Baty

August 28, 2012

1 Officer involved in Chavis Carter case to be reprimanded.

Update on Chavis Carter Case.

1 Officer that was involved in Chavis Carter case to be reprimanded
I placed a link below to read
What the people think and what happened in the meeting in this Decision.

An Arkansas police officer who was placed on paid administrative leave after a man was fatally shot while handcuffed in a patrol car will be required to undergo more training and will face an official reprimand.

Jonesboro Police Chief Michael Yates said Tuesday an internal investigation found that Officer Ron Marsh didn't conduct a thorough enough search to find a gun on 21-year-old Chavis Carter before Carter was fatally shot in the head. An autopsy ruled his death a suicide.

Sheriff Yates said Marsh and another officer who stopped a truck in which Carter was a passenger have returned to work. Police said Marsh patted Carter down twice but didn't find a gun before the shooting. Marsh didn't immediately return a message left at the police department.

KAIT NEWS on Update on
Chavis Carter Case.

Anna Baty

Hurricane Isaac approached on Katrina's Anniversary..

Although Isaac's approach on the eve of the Katrina anniversary.
Isaac becomes a hurricane, New Orleans closes floodgates
Fox News check out the video.
and read more about the storm.
The link below also post more about help and places for shelter.

After days of maintaining tropical-storm level winds, Isaac strengthened Tuesday into to Category 1 hurricane.
The U.S. National Hurricane center says the hurricane is just 15 miles south-southwest of the mouth of the Mississippi River and is moving northwest near 8 mph.The hurricane's maximum sustained winds are near 80 mph.

Louisiana authorities have closed the floodgates surrounding the east bank of Orleans Parish Tuesday to protect the area from Isaac as it approaches landfall. The Times Picayune reported that all 127 perimeter floodgates have been sealed.

Read more:

Thanks for Fox News for there
Information and update on the Hurricane.

Anna Baty

August 27, 2012

Another School shooting at Perry Hall High School Baltimore MD, 8-27-12

What has happened with protecting our children in School.
"Another School Shooting".

I can say I live here in Walnut Ridge, Ar. I am going to say this I can walk into our school any given time and the doors are never locked and in the Middle School, Moms here is a shocker.
I have walked into this Hallway
many times with students up and down the hallways.Teachers doors wide open. Now my question is when is,
Our Schools and children Safe".

1 injured in school shooting "heroic" teacher tackled alleged gunman A 17-year-old high school student is in critical condition after a gunman opened fire in a cafeteria at, Perry Hall High School just outside NOTTINGHAM, MD, Baltimore around 10:45 a.m. ET Monday.

The shooting happened on the first day back to school for students in the Baltimore County Public Schools district. The school is the largest in the county with more than 2,000 students.
Students were evacuated to a nearby shopping center.

Officials said the student was the only person injured in the shooting, although other students were treated for emotional trauma. According to CBS Baltimore, the 17-year-old was shot in the back with a shotgun and is being treated at a nearby hospital.

Authorities would not confirm the type of gun used in the shooting, but said they had the firearm in police custody.

The shooting was an "isolated incident," according to Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz.

"We believe that the suspect fired one round and just struck the individual," Baltimore County Chief Jim Johnson said. "We do not believe he was targeted."

Officials said the suspect has been apprehended after the "heroic" actions of teachers and confirmed he was a student at Perry Hall High School.

The gunman, who students told CBS Baltimore was a 10th grade boy, opened fire in the school cafeteria, striking the 17-year-old. Before he could fire another round, a teacher tackled the boy, forcing his shot into the ceiling.

A school police officer who was on the scene arrested the boy with the help of a number of teachers, who corralled the shooter by a vending machine.

"Student safety is our first and foremost priority," Baltimore County School Superintendent Dallas Dance said. He commended school staff for taking action when the shooter opened fire and added that everyone followed the school emergency plan for active shooter situations.

Students told CBS Baltimore that they were under lockdown for as many as two hours after the shooting.

Parents speaking with CBS Baltimore pointed to a Facebook update that was allegedly posted hours before the shooting. In part, it said "first day of school, last day of my life."

CBS Baltimore declined to name the person who posted the message and officials would not discuss whether there was any connection with the shooting.

Thanks to CBS for the News Update.

Anna Baty
Aug - 27 - 12

August 26, 2012

Neil Armstrong, Dies Aug, 24, 2012 age 82.

He was a great man an World Icon. I placed a link below on, Biography of Neil Armstrong.
Neil Armstrong, the Apollo 11 astronaut who became the first human being to set foot on another world, has died.
On August, 25, 2012 He was 82.

NASA - Biography of Neil Armstrong
He was a great man an American Icon. He lived a great life to share with the world about, His walk on the Moon.
Neil A. Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, was born in Wapakoneta, Ohio, on August 5, 1930. He began his NASA career in Ohio.

Anna Baty

August 25, 2012

"Will you be the one Tonight".

At night lets not close our eyes.
We won't turn away.
Our thoughts can’t reach us
If we choose to keep the distance. It seems, Strengthening still though the lines we’ve drawn are clear
between us.

They say all this aching will disappear when the nights are done .They say when you speak it's the only voice you will hear
"Will you be the one tonight".

Just stay for a while, let me hold you tonight.Just open your eyes, you will see the light shine. You don’t have to be afraid, you don’t have to be feel broken, i will hold you close and make you feel safe if only for a lite while.
"Will you be the one Tonight".

Take my hand, no need to speak
Close your eyes and just let me
Take you to the center of your
My world. Where it can be magical and passion Devours Our soul.

We can touch and feel the connection, so nothing will feel lost, but the chance to find true love and to be blessed to hold it only for awhile this makes the cravings harder to let go but
The Satifaction was worth it.
because you would know just how real it feels, To have something truly real, Filling up the emptiness inside your heart.
"Will you be the one Tonight".

Anna Baty

August 24, 2012

Shooting NY's Empire State Building

Will the deadly shootings ever stop.

On 8-24-12
Two dead, 8 wounded in gunfire near NY's Empire State Building
I posted 3 pictures.

By Lily Kuo and Chris Francescani

NEW YORK, Aug 24 (Reuters) - An out-of-work fashion designer fatally shot a former co-worker near the Empire State Building on Friday and then was killed in a blaze of gunshots by police, stunning tourists and commuters outside of one of New York's most popular landmarks.

Eight bystanders were wounded, possibly all of them by police bullets, though none of their injuries were life-threatening, police said.

Officials said that women's accessories designer Jeffrey Johnson, 58, had been laid off from Hazan Imports a year ago and that while working there, had been locked in a dispute with the victim. Police said Johnson had claimed the victim had failed to sell enough of his creations and held a grudge.

Investigators were attempting to determine whether Johnson shot anyone beyond his initial target. All eight of the surviving victims could have been hit by the two police officers who shot at Johnson, officials said.

Several were likely hit by police bullets that ricocheted off large, anti-terror concrete flower pots stationed outside the Manhattan landmark, police said.

Other than its proximity, the Empire State Building had no link to the violence. Mayor Michael Bloomberg ruled out any connection to terrorism.

The shooting rattled an always-busy part of Midtown Manhattan at the height of the tourist season. I saw a friend of mine lying on the street bleeding. She was in shock," said Christopher Collins, who said he tried to keep her calm as he rode with her in an ambulance. "I'm glad the cops shot him dead. One less trial we have to go through."

The mother of a co-worker who witnessed the shooting identified the dead executive as Steve Ercolino. Police declined to confirm his identity.

Ercolino was walking toward Hazan Imports, across 33rd Street from the Empire State Building, and stopped to talk to a colleague. Johnson, dressed in a suit and tie and carrying a black canvas bag, walked up and shot Ercolino at close range, police said, and then stood over the man and shot him again a total of five shots.

Johnson, carrying a second magazine in his bag, then walked "calmly" a block away, police said, past two officers stationed in front of the entrance to the Empire State Building. A pair of construction workers who witnessed the shooting followed Johnson and tipped off the officers, pointing at Johnson as he passed, police said.

The two cops approached Johnson, who drew his gun, turned and pointed it directly at the officers from about eight feet (2.4 meters) away, police said. Police opened fire and shot him, Police Department spokesman Paul Browne told reporters.

One officer fired nine times and the other seven times, Browne said. Investigators believe Johnson was shot seven times; his body had 10 bullets wounds, three of which were believed to be exit wounds, Browne said.

Animosity between Johnson and Ercolino had prompted them to file counter complaints with police in April 2011, Browne said. No charges resulted from the complaints.


It was the third major shooting of the summer in the United States, following an assault on a crowded cinema in Colorado and an attack on a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, rekindling debate about gun control in America. The New York shooting was different in that Johnson appeared to have only one intended victim.

Anna Baty

August 23, 2012

Medical marijuana measure Approved for Arkansas ballot in November, 2012

Medical marijuana measure Approved for Arkansas ballot in November.2012

Arkansans with qualifying conditions to purchase marijuana from non-profit dispensaries with a doctor's recommendation. Qualifying conditions include cancer, glaucoma, HIV, AIDS and Alzheimer's disease.

Medical marijuana measure OK'd for Arkansas ballot in November.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - A proposal to legalize medical marijuana has been approved for the November ballot in Arkansas. The secretary of state's office on Wednesday said that Arkansans for Compassionate Care had turned in enough signatures to qualify the proposed initiated act for the November ballot. The proposal needed at least 62,507 signatures from registered voters to qualify. The group fell short in the number of signatures needed last month, but it was given additional time to circulate petitions. The proposal would allow Arkansans with qualifying conditions to purchase marijuana from non-profit dispensaries with a doctor's recommendation. Qualifying conditions include cancer, glaucoma, HIV, AIDS and Alzheimer's disease. The proposal acknowledges that marijuana is illegal under federal

August 21, 2012

21-year-old Chavis Carter, killed himself while handcuffed in the back of a police car

21-year-old Chavis Carter, killed himself while handcuffed in the back of a police car.

I placed 2links below where there finale ruling was suicide.
Read this story it is very wrong in my opinion.
How can a handcuff man
Who is left handed shoot himself
In the right temple.

Chavis Carter.
According to police, the 21-year-old killed himself while handcuffed in the back of a police car. Officers pulled over Carter last month in Jonesboro, Arkansas, and say he was carrying marijuana and little plastic bags often used to sell drugs.

They checked his name on a police computer and found an outstanding warrant for breaking probation in a year-old drug case.

That's when they put Carter in the cop car and he apparently ended it all—although Carter's parents aren't buying it. “I think they killed him,” said Teresa Carter, who notes Carter was left-handed but was shot in the right temple. A police probe is under way, and Jonesboro's police chief is backing the official story so far—but admits the shooting "defies logic at first glance.

Chavis Carter Case: Police Release Dashcam Video Night of Shooting - ABC News

Medical crime lab declares
Chavis Carter a suicide.

Credits go to the new channels listed.

Anna Baty

August 20, 2012

"Love" and be "Loved" again.

There's songs that make us feel with the realization at how real it can be. It makes us remember the pain of how are hearts feel and how we crave for it to heal from hurting. It lets us look inside and feel that it's okay we will heal it just takes time. It's okay to know and to have that sadness within us and as a part of learning about love and courage.

We all have all gone through something like this at some time and it takes deep soul searching courage,
and commitment to say I can set love free if it means to heal from within and move on.

Even if we can't make it disappear completely, what better way to make it through the sadness, than to acknowledge, accept, and touch it within our hearts that way maybe the loneness will disappear and
we can find it in our hearts to
"Love" and be "Loved" again.

Anna Baty

Leann Rimes
"Please Remember"

August 18, 2012

Challenge, Reach and Achieve your "Dream".

Remember never stop chasing your dreams in Life, We cant stop dreaming or give into failure.Continue to build bridges that leads to promising tomorrows.Sometimes in life we have challenges and there are issues
that arise that sometimes are hard to capture and complete.

Always try! If not right the first time try again. Keep smiling as if you look forward to each new day, Most of all never stop shining in your own special way.Because all storms can clear, and your grayest sky can turn into the purest blue if you allow happiness and Hope into your life knowing you never gave up.

Make your "Tomorrows" better then your "Yesterday's because beauty is always within your reach, take it and make it yours and smile. Because nothings perfect until you want it to be.
Then in the end you glow with the beauty that only you "Hold" which is the key to how beautiful your life and future can be if you,
Challenge, Reach and Achieve your "Dream".
Anna Baty

August 11, 2012

3 U.S. Soldiers killed Friday in the so called green-on-blue assault.

3 - U.S. Soldiers killed Friday in the so called green-on-blue assault.

An Afghan police officer opened fire on four American soldiers he had invited for a meal Friday, killing three of them, Afghan officials said, in the third so-called green-on-blue assault in just four days. KABUL, Afghanistan

6 - Americans killed by their Afghan partners in a single day, officials said Saturday, 8-11-12
I placed 2 - links below to read the more about the killings and violence still an ongoing problem.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for both attacks on Friday in Helmand province an area of the south where insurgents have wielded their greatest influence. "The enemy who does not want to see Afghanistan have a strong security force, targets military trainers," Karzai said in a statement.

Such assaults are on the rise and have heightened mistrust between foreign forces. Most of the attacks have been carried out by Afghan police and soldiers or militants wearing their uniforms. There have been 26 such attacks so far this year, resulting in 34 deaths.

Anna Baty

August 9, 2012

New form of Child Abuse - Waterboarding

Dr.Melvin L Morse and his wife, Pauline L. Morse of Georgetown, Deleware were arrested and charged with recklessly endangering their two daughters.

The Delaware doctor and his wife were arrested this week after their daughter told authorities that she was punished by "water boarding," police said.
The 11-year-old girl told police that her father, pediatrician Melvin Morse, would hold her face under a running faucet causing the water to shoot up her nose, the Delaware State Police said.

The punishments happened at least four times over a two-year period and the girl's mother, Pauline Morse, witnessed some of them and did nothing, police said. To read more go to link below.

Anna Baty

Life is what you make of it.

Remember never stop caring for the little things in Life, We cant stop dreaming or give into failure. Continue to build bridges that leads to promising tomorrows.

Always try if not right the first time try again. Keep smiling as if you look forward to each new day, Most of all never stop shining in your own special way. Because all storms can clear, and your grayest sky can turn into the purest blue.

Make your "Tomorrows" better then your "Yesterday's because beauty is always within your reach, take it and make it yours and smile. Because nothings perfect until you want it to be.
Then in the end you glow with
The beauty that only you "Hold".

Anna Baty

August 6, 2012


Commodity Distribution
This is for all Lawrence County Residents
Please bring a form of ID.
Food is distributed on a first come- first serve basis.
Wednesday, Sept, 11, 2013
Starts at 9 a.m. till Noon or until food supply is gone.
You are allowed to pick up for one other person but you must have a signed note and proof of I.D.
Location at National Guard Armory
1121 S.W. FRONT ST

For Questions call Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas

Go to your County below to find out info on Commodity Distribution.

Anna Baty

August 5, 2012

Hope, Faith, Love, Strength, Courage

I believe life offers us strength, to believe we can overcome our fear of failure so I want to say that strength should also offer us Courage. We all carry it within us if we have to offer hope and a helping hand that will give the weak Courage to step up and move forward.
Anna Baty

August 4, 2012

Moments from Anna Bee: Chase your Passion and Own it.!

Moments from Anna Bee: Chase your Passion and Own it.!: To achieve something great in this world you need Passion.We all in vision it. It takes courage and the will to want Passion whatever it may...

Chase your Passion and Own it.!

To achieve something great in this world you need Passion.We all in vision it. It takes courage and the will to want Passion whatever it may be, you must find your Passion.If passion drives you, let that reason be your strength.Follow your passion and dreams and success will follow you!.

Never underestimate the power of passion. One must except there ability that passion is within us all, and we must move ahead in order to fully understand our Passion and what it holds for us.

When you take up a mission with passion. There are no dreams too large. No dreams beyond our reach. Know your passion and allow yourself to own it.Face it head on and refuse to
be defeated. Because your Passion allows you the freedom to chase your Dreams and Succeed.

Anna Baty

August 2, 2012

Help us Stuff the Bus, Sat, Aug-4th-2012

This Saturday, August 4, 2012 from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.
Hard to believe, but it’s nearly time for kids throughout Your Region 8 to head back to school. It’s also time to help Stuff the Bus.Once again, KAIT will be partnering with the Jonesboro Radio Group, Crowley’s Ridge Development Council and the United Way to collect school supplies for kids in need.

The event began in 2005 with just two schools participating. This year’s event will benefit 24 area schools in 8 counties. You can drop off your school supply or monetary donations at the following Walmart stores listed below.
Jonesboro—Highland Drive
Jonesboro—Parker Road
Walnut Ridge
All donations will help school children in your area. If you are unable to make it Saturday, you can drop off school supply donations at United Way of Northeast Arkansas, 407 Union in Jonesboro, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday until August 10.
For more information, contact Megan Scribner at (870) 935-3658 or visit

Anna Baty

Arkansas Tax Free Weekend, Aug,4-5 -2012

Arkansas Tax Free weekend is scheduled for August 4-5, 2012. The timing of the event is ideal for parents with several children attending school don't forget College students also.
It helps save a lot when you need to pick up school supplies, art supplies, clothing, shoes, and other back-to-school shopping items.

The link below gives you a list of States with the dates of the Tax free weekend and a list of what Items are covered.
Print the list out and take it with you shopping. Don't forget to shop at different stores.
Walmart's, Target, Office Supply
Dollar General, Family Dollar.
Most stores that offer school
Supplies are included in the,
Tax Free Weekend.

Anna Baty

My great "True Love".

There is one true "Love"that has no boundaries. The sweet sound it holds us close together as one.
It ask nothing of us as you play with her beauty and hold her tight.

She will sing to your soul
and make "Love" to you with
her "Music" all through the Night.
Feel her closeness and hold her
tight, She will be your partner
and your eternal connection
to live as one together in "Life"
Anna Baty