January 30, 2013

"Kindness to Unite us together".

"Kindness to Unite us together as One".

Kindness does not have to stop with itself. Ones kind actions leads to a Good example to
follow and continue to share with the world. One act of kindness gives us "Hope" in all directions of the "World" and the guidance to allow our children to see that kindness if offered does make the world and those around
us to see that one day this world can "Unite" together as "One".

Maybe if we all just offer one act of "Kindness" maybe that will instill others to show the kindness they hold in themselves
that is rarely seen by others.
The beauty and wisdom you can find in kindness once was shared
by the world. Although now it seems it has become a rare treasure that it seldom found
in the world today. So today I
offer to you the,
"Kindness to Unite us together as One".

Anna Baty

January 26, 2013

The Fallen Within Band & Saving Abel tour dates and shows.

Updated show schedule!
The Fallen Within Band.
For Tickets go to Z95. the Bone or Call the
Nightclubs listed or Get your tickets now!!! Call 417-256-6200 and use your card or simply stop in and purchase them.

Feb. 1: Cordova,TN (City Hall Nightclub w/ Saving Abel)

Feb 2: Dardnelle,AR (Front Street Grill w/ Saving Abel)

Feb. 7: Texarkana,AR (Shooters Bar & Grill w/ Saving Abel)

Feb. 8: West Plains,MO (Coble Stone w/ Saving Abel, Burning Waco,
 and Jason Lindsey)

Feb. 9: Poplar Bluff,MO (Scooters w/ Saving Abel & Jesse Hammock)

Feb. 15: Atlanta,GA (Wild Bill's w/ Saving Abel)

Feb. 16: Jonesboro,AR (Brickhouse w/ Panic Era)

Tell all your friends. We're looking forward to seeing everyone on the road! New CD coming soon!
Copy-Rights of all Photo's belong to The Fallen Within Band.
Checkout there music at the links listed below.

Anna Baty 1-26-13

January 16, 2013

I stood by my word, Now where are you?.

Don't stand by and let others break your soul. You have to stand stand up for yourself even if it means standing alone.
There are those around you that would give anything just to see you fail, never give them the satisfaction just for there own pleasure.

Hold your head up high, smile and stand your own ground.Stand up for what you believe in that means.Stand by your word
and your actions will speak loud enough for the world to notice and hear you. Your never truly alone in the world until you stand up and look around and say,
I stood by my word, Now where are you?.

Anna Baty

January 15, 2013

This is true "Intimacy".

I say true intimacy is when one soul touches the other. Nothing on earth can compare to it or feel as much passion. The way our hands touch each our with our
thoughts and imagination that can take us anywhere we desire.

When two people share their lives
together and know at any given moment without hesitation we can become one with each other. We can hold each other so close that we can feel the heat from within our bodies as our thoughts
run wild.

We can end our nights with every touch, the light kisses and the passionate pleasure we place upon each other. So i say as we "Give" our souls to each other
This is true "Intimacy".

Anna Baty

January 11, 2013

Texas dad arrested for terroristic threats.

A Texas Dad arrested for testing Elementary Schools Safety.

Tell me do you think this Texas Dad went to far by going to the School and telling a greeter at the school he told her: “I am a gunman". My target is inside of the building. I'm going into the building. "You stop me." He never had a weapon on him.
I placed the Link to the complete story below.


Thank-you, Catherine Ross and NBC News for there
Credit for story.
Anna Baty

January 9, 2013

Make Music is your "Happiness".

Music is your "Happiness".

Things that will can add more power to your life. First start understanding yourself. Stop the worrying, yes you may have quieted down for awhile. Now it's time to wake up and remember the music in your life has not gone out. It is still inside of you if you will stop and listen to it. Always know you can still play it and only then you will you begin to feel the sweet harmony of your life and the sounds of,
Music is your "Inner Happiness".

We want to Thank our our Family, Friends, and our "Fans" and the Club owners that allow Us to Rock the House with all.
This year will be a great start to our new music coming out and I want to say Thanks to the Band members for there dedication and hours of practice we as family will always be united. Check our music out at the Links below.


Anna Baty

January 6, 2013

I have a Challenge for the world !!!!!

Today I have a challenge for you and the world. Can you think of one word to offer us the people of the world that could change the direction we are headed toward. A word that could help better the world of our future children.

Mine word is!!!! 
One word I would like to offer to the world is let's "Unite" as one.

How free would we the people of the world be if we all as brothers and sisters choose to come together and "Unite" as one. No more violence, No more killing innocent people, No more Racism. Helping thy neighbor in thier times of need. "Unite" That is my word for the world today. What will your word be?

Written by,
Anna Baty

January 4, 2013

Come feel my "Eternal Love".

The hardest part of loving someone is trying to hold on. We all know pain but
this is a pain that is beyond any means
we know or want to feel. I never want to doubt a love i feel that is so true. It seems like the sands of time move ever so slowly as if were stuck in time.

We want a Love to be one that holds us when we feel lost. To know we feel safe
in there arms.The day will come but will
it be a love that will last forever. Or will it be a Love that will lose us in the end.

So if we find a love thats deep and true.
Remember it is to be equally Loved, hold them tight let them feel your heartbeat as there's beats for you.This is a Love that is rare, and once it's found hold on, don't abuse it with words or silence it, Because this will cause the heart and soul to feel empty and never want to Love again. So
remember to,
Come feel my "Eternal Love".

Written by,
Anna Baty.

January 1, 2013

New Year with "All I can Be".

New Year with "All I can Be".

Today I have sad tears and happy tears.I Welcome new people into my life and i'm saying goodbye to the people I always thought would be in my life that
have changed beyond belief.

One thing I have learned in this life. Some people can never stand behind there word no matter the cost or who they hurt. But I have to say I have figured out the hurtful games people play. Needless to say - No Oscars or Awards were handed out for
Liars and Manipulators.

Moral of my story I will always stand true to my word and be there but this time I get to start a New Year with a world of new people in my life. So I'm going to continue bring true and funny and a Woman who can start a,
New Year with "All I can Be".

Anna Baty