May 20, 2013

Do not cry but "Smile" for me.

I dedicate this poem to Sidney
Randall's Mom, family and friends.

Do not cry but "Smile" for me.

I want to say, please don't miss 
me as I see your crying tears.
I'll always be with you every day
To whisper I love you and chase your fears away.

Family and friends you can always talk to me. Even though I'm not here Remember, I'm just sleeping now, 
So I'll always be near.

Remember when you Laugh i will laugh with you. When you cry I will wipe your eyes dry. I'll blow you nightly kisses from the sky. 
To let you know it's time to sleep. 
So family and friends you can now close your eyes. I'll always be in your hearts so we will never be apart.

Written by, Anna Baty

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