April 2, 2013

Will you have the answer ?.

When we feel lost in life and can't make a right decision, Do we just stop and get quiet?. Do we take a time-out?.We can ask ourselves? How does this feel?
My answer! Our lives would be very lonely. Sometimes we can fix this and other times we can't. I try not to listen to the should of's and could of's and try to go beyond
my expectations, and do what's best for my life.

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Life's Lessons

So if we just listen and believe in our own abilities then all our answers lay ultimately within us, and only we can choose what to change in our lives. Mistakes will be made in our journeys through life.That's called one of life's lessons. Now when you reach that time in your life can I ask?.
Will you have the answer ?.

Written by,
Anna Baty

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