April 5, 2013

I am 14 years old and Pregnant.I have lost Faith.

I am 14 years old and Pregnant.
I have lost Faith.
Please read this story it could be happening to your Daughter Now.

This is a big issue in Schools today. Even if your student rides a Bus, walks or is taken by the parent. How can a student be
there for the first 2 periods, and not be missed rest of the day by
teachers.Then it's time for the
final bell to ring to go home and
your child shows up like nothings wrong and still no one speaks up.

1. How does a student miss 15 days of school when you as the parent drop them off at School and the parent is never notified until it's at court or they failed that semester.
2. Does our teachers not notice that the student was there 1st & 2nd period but not rest of the day and the parent did not check them out.
3. Now your child gets sick so you take her to the Doctors, just to be shocked that at 14 years old your daughter is "Pregnant".

4. Who's fault does this become when you know you don't let your child date at 14.
She is always home at night with the family. Then she proceeds to tell you that she has been leaving the school campus to be with her 19 year old boyfriend and no one
even noticed she was gone and
Mom you never noticed when I was leaving at night either.

5. Now as a parent what would you do?.
Anna Baty

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