March 5, 2013

Businesses stop being "Greedy"

Businesses stop being "Greedy"

Today was a day where I could have blown a gasket. I'm one of them that believes if you have service with a company for longer then 15 years.
You should not have to go to one of there local offices and pay them an extra $5 to pay your bill when your service is with them. I will be the first to say money don't go as far anymore. I will not pay a company that I have service with any extra money at all to pay my bill at there office.

A great example is - Work check after taxes is $321.56. Bills = $137 for Gas & Lights. $90 for Groceries, $32 Internet and $40 Fuel.
Total = $299.00
Total left = $22.56
Point is Businesses are to greedy and if your service is through that company then have some respect for your customers and build your business better by taking the payment for free,
Businesses stop being "Greedy"

Anna Baty

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