April 18, 2013

Listen to the Music of a Lover's Dance.

Just to share one night with you.
with candles burning low. Let's dance
to the love songs as your eyes share a secret glow. My senses are filled with
a hunger that burns so deep inside.
You stand before me unafraid with
nothing left to hide.

We move together now as one.
Our hearts and bodies intertwined with your flesh upon me soft as silk as love and passion are defined. We wait until the passionate moment for the music's final note.

Knowing that my touch, has set your soul on fire. Let'a continue to dance to the music, while we feel our sexual desire. Listen with ones ears as your body starts to unfold, To the touch of my hands as my stories being told. Hold me close and,
Listen to the Music of a Lover's Dance
Anna Baty

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