April 26, 2013

The Monster that touches me.

Please if you know a child's be abused, Take the time to stop and help. If your a mother or father love your child and let them know you are there protector.

I sit on the bed Shivering from the pain. Because here in my home lives a Monster with a Name. I keep telling Mommy please don't leave me alone, because the monster he touches me lives in our Home.

I want to tell someone can you help me please i'm just a small child and the pain it doesn't ease.This Monster it tells me to stay on my knees. Come home my dear Mommy, and stop this Monster who keeps hurting me.There is no stoping so i know of one thing to do.

I find a Gun that is loaded to hide under my bed. I'm wait for the Monster to enter my Room. I pull it out as i'm on my knees, Killing the Monster that keeps hurting me.

I lift myself up from under the bed looking to see if the Monster is Dead. Look mommy this is the Monster I want you to see. He can no longer touch or hurt me. See Mommy I'm no longer afraid of being alone I had to protect myself because you we're never home.

Anna Baty, 4-26-13

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