March 19, 2013

Our "Angels" our "Mothers".

Our "Angels" our "Mothers".

They fly with wings they flutter high to touch our souls and fly to the sky.There Angels and there always around us fluttering by.
(Our Mothers) with the angel wings there always around us as they softly sing.

CHRISTINA AGUILERA LYRICS for I Turn To You (onscreen text)

We feel your touch as you softly pass by. We as your Mothers need you to know that we will never be away from your side. We want you to feel the soft kiss on your cheek, this is for the times you start to feel week. When you feel a breeze that closes in on you. It me your Mother saying,
"I will forever love you".

Forever with you Mom, Love you.
Written by, Your loving Daughter,
Anna Baty

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