May 8, 2013

Remember if it hurts you !!! It hurts them

While the majority of domestic violence victims are women, abuse of men happens far more often than you’d probably expect. Typically, men are physically stronger than women and to embarrass to admit there being abused.  Men are also abused especially verbally, physically and emotionally. 

It doesn’t necessarily make it easier for men to escape the violence or the relationship. An abused man faces a shortage of resources, skepticism from police, and major legal obstacles.

No matter your age, occupation, or sexual orientation, though, you can overcome these challenges and escape the abuse. It still makes you feel weak and defeated and the answer is not to strike back. The answer should be to try and get help for the abuser and the family if its trying to save the relationship.

Please remember if it hurts you!!! It hurts them.

Anna Baty

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