September 2, 2015

My new life 7 days of freedom, are written below.

My new life 7 days of freedom, are written below.

Their will be many times when our light will go out. As we stand their in the darkness we wonder is their any hope of seeing the light again. 

We then ask ourselves ? can it be rekindled by a spark from another person. Can the spark be from the love and respect you expect to see in your children. Or can it be within us to accept that we can not change the way our children or others feel about us. Nor can we change the hatred and violence that's sucking this world into a soulless nation.  

Loneliness can cause deep depression to set in. Yes we all can show it in different forms of our personalities but ask yourself ? What does your world hold for you. Mine is !!

Day 1. Stay positive and stop letting people in your life and around you, "Suck you in".

Day 2. Say and do what you mean. Your feelings didn't matter so why should theirs. 

Day 3. Start enjoying life and start doing the things you missed out on for so many years.

Day 4. Stop worrying and enjoy your days knowing that their are things and people you cannot change. 

Day 5. I come to realize that honestly and kindness is hard to find in today's world. Even when it's in your own family.

Day 6. I can say I'm honest. I help where it's needed. I'm a genuine person with the best intentions. 

Day 7. Live my life for me not for others. Enjoy each and every day knowing I am a person that will not be "Broken". 

Written by,
Anna Baty, 9-1-15

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  1. Great advice to live every day by!! Always Love your passion Anna!!