September 16, 2013

Social Security makes $1.3 billion mistake but "Blames the American people".

Social Security makes $1.3 billion in overpayments.

Wait I know what their answer is!
It's all the American people's fault. The Government workers had no ideal even though they have all the files. 

Well as I read this I will say I blame both sides. First of all 
Once you qualify for disability benefits, you're able to enter a trial work period, where you can return to work and continue to receive benefits but only for up to nine months.
" Common sense" tells you after someone's still on this program after a year and you know there still working why? would the
Social Security offices still pay benefits for another year or two knowing that so many are still 
working past the nine-month trial period.

I placed the link below for the entire story.

To become eligible, you must go through a five-month waiting period during which your earnings must not exceed $1,000 during any given month. But the GAO found that thousands of the people who were receiving benefits had incomes exceeding this limit.

One recipient, a physician, raked in $90,000 in overpayments over three years, even though he had earnings of as much as $22,000 per month during the five-month waiting period. Two other people have received overpayments of more than $20,000 so far this year, despite the fact they held jobs that paid substantial income during the waiting period.

Here are some other cases.
In one case, a woman was given $74,000 in payments after she had been working for more than nine months, and a man was paid $57,000 in benefits following the nine-month grace period.

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