July 26, 2012

"My back Window"

Child Abuse, My Story.
Please watch my video below.
Then maybe you can save a child.

As I sit down and start writing I look
out my back window.I look out and I can see inside other people's back windows. It's impossible for me to help but notice the interest of my neighbors.
There are many children living in
these homes.I don't know their names. There's a helpless baby who "Cries"
all day, for he is shaken, and beaten
by a angry nanny who treats him like a rag doll.

I see a teenage girl covering
her head screaming please mommy don't hit me no more.
I see a little boy with a bruised
Face writing on a window
Please help me!!!.

I sometimes wonder if our neighbors ever have an interest in us or our shady sides. Something we don't show to the world. I wonder do they love, pity, or condemn us?. What words do they speak!!. Do they forget who may be watching us from their back windows, with clearer eyes.

Could it be a Women with a pen in her hand who continues to write what she see's from her "Back Window".
Look out your back window tell me do
you see any abuse or do you keep your eyes shut and voice Quiet.

Child Abuse, My Story.
Please watch my video.
Maybe you can say a child from Abuse.

Written by Anna Baty.


  1. Child Abuse must be stopped but we know that it is next impossible to do such a thing. However, it is in each and every one of us to help when we can, and it starts by not turning a blind eye to the issue. So if the majority of us agree child abuse must be stopped, why do only 1 in 3 of us report it? What we need is “mandatory reporting” laws in an attempt to help vulnerable children.

    We need to educate people, what they can do if they suspect abuse or neglect, but also how they can support families who are struggling... to stop abuse and neglect before it occurs. Parenting is hard and all parents will need help sometimes. To protect our children, we need to educate the entire community to make it OK to ask for ... and offer ...parenting assistance.

  2. I agree if the world would take the time to educate and help those in need instead of turning a blind eye
    Maybe there would be less abuse. I help with an abuse group. It's very hard because I will admitt I was abused and there was no one to turn to. That is
    why I will always educate and be the ears and voice
    for all that need it.Thank-you my friend for caring.