July 2, 2012

Life with Love together as "One".

Sometimes life is living the way
we think it should be. We give
we take. Love us how we feel
Deep in our "Hearts"and Souls.
The worst mistake anyone can
make is being too afraid to
make one.Go out and find
what makes your Life Happy,
Then Love them.

Song- Erase ( written by Derrick Brandon) www.FallenWithin.com

Life should make us Happy.
Chase the dreams we have
always wanted and worked
for. Life is going to keep us
always running not slowing
us down that's what "Life",
Is about, Love is about sharing.
It's has a course of it's own.
No one said it was going to be easy.

I believe sometimes we are to
busy with work and friends to
"Notice", the one standing
beside us has been there the whole time. We feel left out,
We feel unloved, please take
The time to "Live" & "Love"
with the one that's always been there, because if you use something long enough, it will Fade away until someone finds Them and let's them know these Great words.

My "life" is complete because I
Have all the "Love" I've been
searching for so I feel I have
found and followed my "Dreams"
and that has been "You".

Anna Baty

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