July 13, 2012

Mothers infant son dies, Mother not charged.

Mothers infant son dies.
On May, 3, 2012
Mrs. Hubbard a Teacher told police,
I just forgot he was in there."Wrong by all means" A child died because of a parents "Ignorance."

Here's the Police's statement.
"Police say that there was no sign of foul play, and called the child’s death a “tragic accident".

What kind of message does this send!!. That it's ok if your a "Teacher", That if you forget your child's in a hot car all day and the Child Die's, That you won't be "Charged" because you "Forgot".How can she be trusted with a Classroom of children when she Forgot her own Child.

Prosecutors say "No Charges",
We're filed in Death of a Lee Summit Missouri, Infant. Mother whose 13 month-old Infant was left to die in a hot car all Day by Mother who went to work, As a "Teacher". The Mother said she mistakenly Thought she dropped him off at Daycare.

According to police, 13-month-old Heath Hubbard was found unresponsive in his mother’s vehicle near S.W. Wintercreek and S.W. Winterpark Drive on May, 3rd, 2012. Police say that Mrs.Hubbard noticed that her son was unresponsive, and immediately pulled over and called 911 for help. Attempts by police and paramedics to save the child at the scene were unsuccessful.

Anna Baty

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  1. Wait a second...how does one forget whether or not they dropped their child off to daycare THAT morning? Barring some dissociative disorder or other mental illness, how do you forget something like that? Surely there is at least a case for negligence here. Typical case of injustice. That's why it is called a legal system and not justice system... where's the justice for this poor wee soul?? That's right. None.