July 16, 2012

Singers and Song Writers who touch our "Souls".

To my sons, Derrick Brandon and Danny Baty.There music has changed mine and many lives.

Also to all "Singers" & "Song Writers" who touch our "Souls" with there "Music".I believe there is a bit of our life in every Song Writers songs. They offer us "Hope", They allow us to "Laugh", and "Cry". They give us a sense that we "Belong", in the words that they write in every "Song".
Please listen to both my sons songs and more of there music on YouTube.

Song written and performed by my son Derrick Brandon, and his Band.
Song- Find Yourself, by Fallen Within Band.

There are those rare moments when musicians come together and touch something they've never found before in rehearsals or performance, It goes beyond their expression it becomes a love for something that comes
from deep within there "Soul".

Video and song written and performed by my son Danny Baty.
What Are The Chances

This is when "Musicians give us
a glimpse of what we might be in ourselves, and of an impossible world in which you give everything to others, but lose nothing of yourself.
Our "Souls" through the sounds
of "Music" intertwine together
as "One".

Anna Baty

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