July 18, 2012

Annieville man decides to grow own marijuana.

Annieville man arrested for growing his own "Plants", he believes it's his right.
Look our tax dollars hard at work. Local man who was fed up with higher prices of not just Groceries, but pleasure Plants. Decided enough is enough.
Now who do you thinks going
to be supporting him now.

Not the local Police Department
but the Citizens. I think there
are bigger fish to fry right
under there noses but I guess
a few " Pot" plants is the big
thing now-days.

When grocery prices go up, many people plant gardens to save some money. A Lawrence County man apparently thought the price of pot was too expensive, so he decided to grow his own.

Sheriff Jody Dotson says on Tuesday deputies arrested 40-year-old Michael Barnard at his home near Annieville.
Barnard was apparently not surprised when deputies knocked at his door. According to Sheriff Dotson, Barnard first asked the deputies why they were there. When they answered “you know why we are here,” Barnard reportedly said “the pot plants.”

Barnard then showed the deputies several marijuana plants that were about four feet tall. Sheriff Dotson says Barnard told deputies he was raising the plants for himself “because marijuana had become so expensive.”
Barnard is currently being held in the Lawrence County Jail awaiting a bond hearing.

Photos provided by our very own Lawrence County Sheriff's Office.
Story by Kait8.com
Anna Baty

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