April 26, 2012

Her Strength a Soldiers Wife.

I'm now a single Mother with 2 children to raise, I look for a plan to live through our days. My husband was a man of great virtue, His touch was the balance that beat in my Heart, His love for his family kept him safe in the Dark.

Then the nightmares continued night after night, constantly screaming troops. were in for a fight. The firing of guns and the bombs that he hears, lets him know that they are near. I hold him and tell him I'll keep him safe as we both drift off in a somber sleep.

Suddenly I wake to a cuddling sound, I ran and stumbled where my husband was found. I let out a scream to find no one around that's when I seen the blood all around. Now I come to realize the years in Iraq and the wars before them had taken his life, and ended the tricks they played in his head.

My husband ended his life with bullet to his head. Standing alone and my weakness shows through, I'm a Mother with 2 children now what do I do. My husband had strength and he walked with great pride, but the terrors took over because because he refused to hide.

Telling my children that's why there daddy had died. I stand before this country and say, I was married to a soldier with no weakness he knew, Fought for our Freedom and gave it to you.
I stand at his grave with tears on my face, I miss and love you, and I'm never that far, Remember my husband your my forever, "Shinning Star".

Anna Baty


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