April 5, 2012

Do you know where your "Teen" is?.

Do you know where your "Teen" is?.

This is an on going problem. "Teenage Drinking"
We have meetings after meetings to try and stop the source of "Who" and where the Liquor comes from.
Well the way I see it parties are being planned every night. The message is texted at school from a friend passed on and on.
I believe in today's world some parents are to busy working. Then when they get home there tired and don't really pay much attention when asked, Mom Amy wants me to stay the night to study our Social Studies test together do you care.
Mom replies no go ahead and I'll see you tomorrow night. Now after supper is done and dishes are washed you get time for a hot bath, Just soaking up some me time.
Then as your headed to bed, you hear a knock on the door at 11 p.m..
Well wonder who that could be. Two policemen standing at your door.

Mrs.Sparks are you the mother of Heather Sparks, Yes sir I am. Well her and her friend Amy was at a party drinking, Then on there way home they hit another vehicle head on, I'm sorry to say they both died, along with a 2 year old child and father in the vehicle they hit.

Falling down to me knees all I kept saying was How? could this have happened she never drank.

Now I spend my days asking myself why?. I should have talked with her, spent more time paying attention to what she was doing and I never took the time now she's gone and I can't makeup for what I should have done.

Parents spend the time with your children see what there doing don't just assume you know. We as parents must keep our children safe and be there.
Checking on your child's activities does not make you a bad "Parent" it just shows you care.
Anna Baty, 4-5-12

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