April 6, 2012

FB- Teens who lure- Face Responsibility.

Time for change.
There are always stories of innocent teenagers who are lured and victimised on the internet. But what do you do when your child is the instigator, the one who is victimising others?

I want to mention that in Ar, a child can be charged as an adult at the age of 14, for certain crimes. Then at age 14, they can be charged as a Registered Sex Offender.

Now my problem is when you have 2, teenage girls meeting someone on the Internet not knowing who this person is then meeting him not just once but several times and nothing was mentioned the 1st or 2nd time of there meetings.

Mind you parents still not involved in knowing what there child is doing.
Now all of a sudden this happens.

Then the man is arrested for Being a "Facebook" Internet child predator. It was wrong of him yes but I do believe the girls should be charged with something because they continue to see the man.

This is such an ongoing issue.
I believe it will only get worse.
My reasons, When are some parents going to wake up and become responsible for there children. It's always sad when a child is kidnapped and raped.

Today's biggest problem is "Facebook" there are so many teenagers being lured by online sexual predators.
My problem is where are the parents when this is happening.
The sex offenders that pray on our children know it is wrong.

Then Tell me why the, 13 thru 17 year olds continue to take sexual pictures of themselves, Talk sexual to a stranger they never met, then agree to meet them not knowing if they will come back, "Dead" or "Alive".

To me these Teenagers have no respect for "Themselves" their "Families" or the Tax-Payers who have to pay when the offender goes to prison not the teenagers who keep putting there selfs out there go be, Molested, or maybe killed.

I believe if these teenagers are held responsible for some of there action maybe this can be an example to others when they decide to put there's elves in danger as others do.

Make them perform community service work. Maybe they can go to schools and let other teenagers aware of what they did was wrong and what there punishments will be.

The parents are not allowed to bail them out at, "All"

Anna Baty, 3-31-12

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