April 20, 2012

Rain often brings shadows of happiness from our eyes, it also lets us know a smile is the Lighting system of the face. The cooling system of the head, and the Heating system to our "Hearts" so remember rain is liquid sunshine to a "Happy" way in our tired and weary, "Lives"

I say take the time to hold one close and feel the souls as one as you "Dance" in the "Rain".
Feel her body as it is in-tangled with yours which will be the two souls dancing as one clinging like two well fitted gloves.
Love to the highest point of no return and the satisfaction will be the softness of her fingertips as she touches you, it will always be your greatest 'Desire',
Leaving you only wanting More.

Anna Baty, 4-20-12

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  1. Very nice Anna, and wow you have enough of your work here to spend some serious time reading, and like I said earlier it's bookmarked now ⬆