March 17, 2011

Lost Family's

Never underestimate the power of family.Sometimes it's just a small gathering around a camp fire.The stories we share about old and new times are the stories we can share with the next generation to laugh and cry with.This would be a sad world without the Presents of Family.

Now tell me why it seems like  family gets together only for a funeral. Is it because we choose to go our own way or theres not enough hours in a day.They say death brings a Family closer now all i see is distance that can't be repaired.Then when the time comes for Family reuions you often hear people say.
Who are you?.
Why did we never meet ? 
Answer is none of us took the time. We also as family have built a wall that keeps us at a distance.
My life is complete with the Love and Laughter i share with my family even at a gathering for a funeral to me thats called support.To me as a Mother,Wife, Grandmother, Family is what holds the key to our Future so i say know your Family, there always a part of you.They are the Keys to our Past ,
The stories for our next Generations.

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