March 15, 2011

Homeless Man

The glasses and beard they give him away. He pushes a cart
to start out his day. His stomach it growls as he looks for food
to start out his day. He found in a dumpster a slice of bread
and stale meat along with a brownie to save as a treat.
His day starts to fade from light into dark the rains pouring
down with no shelter in sight. I once had a home two children
and Wife. It all ended one day when a drunk driver ended
there lives. They call me the homeless as everyone can see
i choose to be homeless when my Family was taken from me.
So if you drive by and happen to see a homeless man
just like me. Dont be afraid to talk to me because you
could be homeless just like me.


  1. it is amazing to me how so many people do look at a homeless person and can just drive by thinking there only homeless because the are drunks i am not giving them any money! i say pay it forward...karma always comes around!

  2. Thats why i wrote this to many people judge without knowing the reason.Because this could be one of your uncles and one will never take the time to know.