March 18, 2011

I've Got a Secret

If i came to you with a secret , What would you do?.
Yes i have Cancer or maybe im Gay.
Ive been sleeping around on my husband i have
been since mid May. Maybe i just want to tell you
i will kill myself Today. Now that ive told you my secret
who will you tell ? and what will you do ?.
Would you tell my Husband of 15 years Married.
Maybe his wife that is bed ridden with a disease.
Would you tell my Son and Daughter the truth.
That the secret i told you was meant for me and you.
I was hurting inside and wanted to die because
i told my Friends secret and found out it they
were just Lies.
Now if these are true and i only told you , now
tell me my best Friend What will you Do ?.
How can we expect others to keep our secret
if we have not been able to keep it to ourselves.
I believe if the secret means Death and your there
to console, the secret should be told to our Families
thats Close.

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