March 25, 2011

Love no Abuse

Life is to short to wake and live
with regrets.No woman ever hates
a man for being in love with her,
but many woman hate a man for being
her abuser.

I'm ask to speak from my mind so
here i go i wont be kind.These
words come easy with a slip from
my tongue, I want to say i'm
finally Done.

Your a bigot male Chauvinist Pig.
Raping your women make you feel Big.
To think that your owed for us
to comply, you now come to realize
that your world had just Died.

I wanted to Love you now all i feel
is hate, your useless trash your not
worth the wait.The abused you took
out on the ones that you
Loved, Your now all alone and no
where to go, You now rot in a
place of shame, knowing were
all done with your Games.

So my advice is to all who will see,
Love is never what you want it to be.
If for change it changes your Life,
Love them forever and never think
twice.Never mistake Love for abuse,
For Love is a Challenge not to misuse.

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