March 16, 2011

My Children Never Doubt

There are times in my Life where i doubt alot of things from my Past and Future.
I love my children but inside myself is a place where I live all alone.
There are times when i wanted to run away.
So i need my children to know and treasure the values
i have always instilled upon them.
I will consider my life has been worth living
and they have always been my Destiny.

 So i want to say to them, For all the times i didnt listen.
" My ears will always hear you"
If there was a time i didnt Hug you.
" My arms are always open for you "
If there ever was a time i didnt tell you i Love you.
 "I Loved you then, i still Love you Forever"
A Mothers Love should never be challenged
 for her Childrens or by her Children.

So my Children please always remember this.
I as your Mother will always be with you.
I will be the whisper you hear in the dead of the night.
I will be the hug you feel from a gust of wind.
I will be the sun shinning on your face
to always make you smile.

Remember my Children.
I as your Mother live always inside your laughter
and to catch all your teardrops, nothing on earth can
separate you from me.
Not time, not space not even death!
Love you Forever "Mom"

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  1. Expressed the feelings of a mother beautifully.Touched the heart.Please keep on writing.