December 31, 2012

Question is "Why don't we"

Question is "Why don't we"

I want to start by saying!
"Happy New Years 2013".
I personally don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, I believe in setting goals and always trying to achieve them. I believe with each New Year people want to change the way they live or something in there lives we all do.
Question is "Why don't we"

Now it's 2 months later, Can we really say we remember or even tried these "Resolutions" we promised ourselves. Could the reason be it's too much change at one time, or do we find ourselves saying? We all love the idea of making changes in our lives.
Question is ? "Why don't we"

Why haven't we already made these changes in our lives, or is it that for every "New Year" We hear others make "Resolutions" So do we want others to think we also need to "Change".
Question is "Why don't we"

Anna Baty

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  1. We don't, because the world doesn't. It keeps on going-&-going-&-going, indifferent to the way we wish it would go; and we'd LIKE to change the world, but the old world is such a flooding influence that it's hard to make the new world overcome all the old things in it!