January 1, 2013

New Year with "All I can Be".

New Year with "All I can Be".

Today I have sad tears and happy tears.I Welcome new people into my life and i'm saying goodbye to the people I always thought would be in my life that
have changed beyond belief.

One thing I have learned in this life. Some people can never stand behind there word no matter the cost or who they hurt. But I have to say I have figured out the hurtful games people play. Needless to say - No Oscars or Awards were handed out for
Liars and Manipulators.

Moral of my story I will always stand true to my word and be there but this time I get to start a New Year with a world of new people in my life. So I'm going to continue bring true and funny and a Woman who can start a,
New Year with "All I can Be".

Anna Baty

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