December 28, 2012

"Just let your heart heal you".

No one fails in life, you only have different results on some days.The word Defeated is a person that sits down and refuses or is afraid to get up and take a step or the chance to make there life better. Don't let a moment of defeat or being afraid be what defines your life's outcome and who you may be in the future.

Decide at any given moment not to ever compete for someone's love, respect and attention that you should be showing yourself first. See once in a while, We all our bad days, We will also have good days and beautiful days.Take them days and safely tuck them in your heart. Because this is the start of a collection of the good days we all deserve.

Remember life is always trying to challenge us. Our path in life depends
on if we choose to "Quit" and give up.
Or we can "Get up" keep walking and make our life the best for us. Hold on to that warmth inside your heart. Just place your hand upon your heart and feel your "Passion" it will take you where you know your safe, loved and respected.
"Just let your heart heal you".

Written by, Anna Baty
12-28-12 Flatts - Unstoppable (With Lyrics)

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