December 18, 2012

Can I be your uncaged "Songbird"

Can I be your uncaged "Songbird"

Close your eyes and listen!. Can you heal the pain of a Lonesome Soul as you hear her sweet sound singing from a locked cage. Follow the soft fainting sounds you hear coming from the deepness of the woods. Listen from within your heart then your soul will free her and she can start to heal. Her soft melody escapes into your air traveling afar. The passion of knowing the sweet sound is within your reach.

The searching continues tell me will you give up? Will my soft voice from a cage and my touch be worth what you have been searching for. My song,
Free me from the cage that I'm confined to. Have i touched your heart and taken your soul captive. My question still is? Will you free me from my cage and listen to the soft echoing sounds of my voice.
Can I be your uncaged "Songbird"

Anna Baty

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